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Born&Beyond 24 Monthly Growth Baby Stickers *Sponsored*

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Born&Beyond 24 Monthly Growth Baby Stickers *Sponsored*


When Minime was a baby I was obsessed with taking photos.  Actually, I’m still kind of obsessed if the 7,000+ in my iPhone is a deciding factor.  I wasn’t a Pinterest mom so I didn’t know anything about monthly boards or stickers.

Now I see these things everywhere.  Go figure!  I was really happy to be sent some so that I could give them to not one, but two expecting families in my world.  I can’t wait to see them celebrate month days with these adorable stickers from Born & Beyond.

Yes, month days are something to be celebrated and so are half birthdays.  I definitely celebrated all of Minime’s monthdays when she was a baby.  We would even have cupcakes and she would get a small gift.  Now that she’s three we don’t celebrate monthdays even though I still get her a small treat without making it a big deal.  Half birthdays are still huge.  Thinking we might do a pool party this year.

How do (did) you celebrate month days?  Did you use stickers, boards or some other cool way?


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