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My Little Mermaid


My Little Mermaid

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  • mini me is obsessed with mermaids.  She loves everything about the ocean except for the idea of putting her head underwater.  It is the only thing that will make her tell you she is going to grow up and be a cowboy instead of a mermaid.  And yes, she says cowboy not cowgirl.Even with her distaste for going under she adores all things sea.  Ariel is one of her best friends and regularly accompanies us out in public.

    Mini me also abhors sleeping with covers.  That to me is pure insanity as I want to be under a comforter mid-August heatwave.  Either way today I stumbled upon the cutest thing ever.  It is called a blankie tail.  It’s a blanket that transforms your child into a mermaid (or into a child being eaten by a shark) whichever your child would prefer.

    I’m contemplating if it should be a Christmas gift or a birthday gift but with my child it might become a random Wednesday gift as she already saw it on my computer screen and informed me that she wants it.  I haven’t ordered it yet.  Have you heard or seen these before?

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