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Disney’s Moana – Believe The Hype!

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Disney’s Moana – Believe The Hype!

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  • Moana is FINALLY in theaters.  Run.  Go.  See.  If you read my behind the scenes post you already know this movie took FIVE years from start to finish.  When you see it you will see that not a moment was wasted.  The attention to detail, the music, the coordination between actor and charater.  Everything was phenomenal.

    Image courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

    Image courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

    You already know I drink the Disney Kool-Aid and they can do very little wrong in my eyes but trust me, you do not want to miss this.  The chemistry between Auili’i Cravalho and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is fantastic.  You can hear in their voices that they enjoyed themselves making this film.

    the rock - dwayne johnson

    Image courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

    The images are stunning.  They are so real you can almost feel the ocean breeze as you watch the movie.  The colors and details in the illustrations are beyond amazing.  And don’t forget this movie merges CGI and hand animation.  This movie is more than just the visual though.  The story itself will grab you in.  You won’t know who’s side to choose.  You won’t know who is right or who is wrong.  You will want them to find peace.  You will want Moana to succeed.  And I think I can tell you without giving too much away that she does!  I mean, it’s a Disney movie.  You know there will be a happy ending.  Her success will not be what you expected though.  Or at least I didn’t.

    moana - disney-the rock-auili'i cravahlo

    Image courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

    You will laugh in this movie.  Oh, you will laugh.  Maui (Dwayne Johnson) has some great lines and Moana (Auili’i Cravahlo) has some even better comebacks.  And at times they both will be overshadowed by the comedic sidekick Hei-Hei.  And we can’t forget the zinger that is Moana’s Gramma Tala voiced by Rachel House.

    moana-disney-the rock

    Image courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

    You will cry in this movie.  I mean, it is a Disney movie.  Bring the tissue.  It might be a cartoon but the emotions you feel will be real.  You will want to hug Moana when things seem difficult.  You will get angry with Maui and then you might feel a little bad for him.  Be prepared to have your emotions run a gambit.

    And be prepared to sing and dance in your seats.  Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Mancina and Opetaia Foa’i delivered!  I know I’m not alone in wanting to get this soundtrack for myself.  Trust you will be adding it to your holiday shopping list as well.  At least when you’re littles want to hear ‘How Far I’ll Go’ you won’t cringe because you’ll be singing along too.

    And can I say how excited I am that 2016 saw two beautiful, brave, brown characters to be leading Disney characters???  Moana and Elena of Avalor make me excited.  Growing up there wasn’t many cartoon characters that look like me.  I love that my daughter will never know that pain.


    Image courtesy of Walt Disney Studios


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    1 Comment

    1 Comment

    1. Courtney H

      December 11, 2016 at 3:11 pm

      I’m looking forward to seeing this

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