What I’m Watching: Christmas Edition

What I’m Watching: Christmas Edition

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One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is watching movies. I usually feel guilty when I veg out on the couch or in bed watching a movie. Most of my usual viewing happens as part of multi-tasking during the day while I’m on the computer or when I tell myself I’m going to bed after just one more episode of something I’m streaming on my phone or iPad. During the holidays though I don’t need an excuse to throw the “no tv during the week” rule out the window. As long as homework is done let’s watch a movie. Grab some popcorn. Grab some hot chocolate. Grab your favorite blankie and let’s watch a movie or twelve.

Here’s a list of some of my Christmas Favorites (old and new) and where to buy them and where to stream them:


Home Alone – I watched this movie with JustaBXgirl a few days ago and let me tell you that I don’t remember it being so deep. I remember the hijinks between Kevin and the burglars but this movie is so much more than that! If you are like me and haven’t watched it in a while do yourself a favor and check it out. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas there is so much to enjoy and unpack in this movie. And maybe it’s because I’m a mom but I definitely found myself emotional when Kevin’s mom finally made it home to her baby.

Miracle on 34th Street – This has been one of my favorite Christmas movies since I was a little girl. Only the original. I could never get behind the remakes. This was the first year that I tried to introduce this classic to JustaBXgirl. I shared how it was one of my favorite films while we were at Macy’s visiting Santaland and passing their tribute to the EPIC movie.

Decorating Disney Holiday Magic – I love seeing how Disney Magic comes to life. It’s my favorite thing to watch on Disney Plus. It makes me feel special like I have the keys to the (Magic) Kingdom or something. Seriously, the cast members at Disney really must be fairies the way they bring magic into the world. And this holiday special isn’t anything less. Truly hoping next holiday season to get there and see it all in person.

Santa Clause – This is one that I have watched again and again over the years and don’t think I realized it was a Disney film! I think this is an awesome take on Santa Claus. And it’s a great reminder of how you can’t shirk on responsibility and destiny. It’s also filled with plenty of moments that will let you laugh out loud.


White Christmas – What can I say? I have a thing for the classics. The wardrobe, the music, the dancing. I have lost track of how many times I have watched this movie. Even still, every time I watch it I am filled with all of the emotions. Have you seen it?

The Grinch – There are so many versions of this film but this is my favorite. Maybe because it was the first one that JustaBXgirl saw and she absolutely LOVES this movie. It speaks to her sense of humor. I am a big softee again and love the often ignored relationship between mama and child. Cindy Lou Who is an amazing daughter with an amazing mama. They both work really hard to make sure the other is happy.

Angela’s Christmas – Here’s a new one. I recently held a flash giveaway on Instagram to give away a DVD of this movie. When you finish watching this movie hopefully you too will be ready to #SpreadTheWarmth!

A Bad Moms Christmas – I need a new Bad Moms movie every year. Why have they stopped making them? The Christmas version was great because we already knew the moms and got to see once again that no matter your relationship circumstance, economic reality or anything else that usually separates us, being a mom is difficult. It is also the one thing that none of us would give up.

What are you currently watching? Have you seen everything on my list? What would you add to the list? Take away? Let me know in the comments.

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