July Bookshelf – 8 Books You Don’t Want to Miss

July Bookshelf – 8 Books You Don’t Want to Miss

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We received many of these titles for review purposes. This post contains affiliate links.

I feel like every month I’m asking how did the month go so quickly. July is no different. I feel like I blinked and went from my birthday in June to today! Guess we’ve been spending so much time with our heads in books we’ve missed what’s happening outside. As you can see, our July Bookshelf is rather long. You can thank our local library for that as much as our publishing friends. This summer, the New York Public library is giving away 500,000 books! And let me tell you they have some really good titles to choose from. If you’re local to NYC definitely make it a point to stop by your local branch and get a book. You can get one on every visit!!!!

Here are a few titles that we have added to our bookshelves recently. Sidenote, I really need to buy some new shelves! We are out of room and recently gave away a few bags of books ourselves! Don’t worry though, not having room won’t stop us from getting new titles to share. It will simply drive me crazy as I knock over book towers around the house.

Bloom – This board book needs its illustrations framed. They are simply breathtaking. The story itself is a beautiful message to our girls that just like flowers we all have space to bloom.

You Wonder All the Time – As parents we sometimes are over our children’s curiosity. Constant questions when you’re trying to get things done can get annoying. This book is a wonderful reminder to celebrate the wonder and curiousity of our babies.

The Friendly Mouse – This book is a great way to remind our littles to grow kindness. Our Mouse friend shows us that when we give of ourselves we add good to the world and one way or the other the goodness will be returned to us.

The Tiltersmith – When JustaBXgirl started reading this book it started to hail and she swore up and down that it was the book’s fault because it snowed in the spring in the book. In other words, the booked grabbed her in so deeply she was living in their world. She also had been looking at it while at our library before we received our review copy. Friendship is at the center of this middle grade fantasy and if you and your littles are into magic and suspense you won’t want to miss this.

Big Hedgehog and Little Hedgehog…Take An Evening Stroll – If you have ever tried to put a little one to bed then this book will make you relate to Big Hedgehog oh so very well. It also reminds us to stop and enjoy those moments when our littles want to spend a little more time with their big person.

One Hundred Percent Me – I’ve always hated the question, “What are you?” This book shares how one little girl handles that question and her own family trying to get her to basically choose which side she is more like, her Puerto Rican or Filipino parent. It offers littles and bigs a script when they are faced with similar inquiries.

A Garden for Grace – We received this book a while ago but I wanted to wait until we started our 4th grade homeschool year to share it with you. JustaBXgirl has fallen in love with poetry and this book gives her lots to love. The illustrations are lovely and work in harmony with the words. My little poet has been inspired by this book.

The Little Doctor El Doctorcito – You already know that JustaBXgirl takes Spanish classes so any time that we can get a bilingual book it excites me. I love seeing the words in both languages residing on the same page. It makes me feel like I can almost touch the ones I don’t understand. Add to it that this story is honest and emotional and filled with hope all at the same time. Salvador is inspired to become a doctor after a visit to a US doctor with his grandmother. I think he will be a compassionate and capable doctor.

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