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Who Am I?

justabxgirl justabxmomI’m just a mom.  I have an amazing mini me (JustaBXgirl) that teaches me about life, love and the world around us daily.  I breastfed and co-sleep.  I do my best to gentle parent and at times I am a screaming parent.  I’m always a transparent parent.  I am far from perfect.  Some nights we read 18 stories and other nights we fall asleep playing on our iPads.  My goal is to let every parent I meet know that they are their child’s perfect parent.  My goal is to remind myself that I am my daughter’s perfect parent.  My goal is to make your day include a smile.  My goal is to smile as much as possible.  My goal is to remind every parent that they are enough.  My goal is to remember that I am enough.  My goal is to make sure my daughter always knows that she is loved and she is enough.

I am a mom doing it alone (with an awesome outside village). I am giving my daughter experiences that will create a foundation filled with standards and expectations leaving no room for excuses. I want to teach other parents how this is possible. I want to offer my experiences with events, products and life as a place that can help other parents make choices and avoid pitfalls.  As a single mom I want to show other parents that single or married parenthood can be lots of fun.  And knowing the financial costs of parenting alone I like to share products and experiences that make spending worthwhile!

That is who I am.  I am an influencer. Who are you?

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