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#MommyMondays – Denise A.


#MommyMondays – Denise A.

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    Today’s #MommyMonday is a very special one.  She is my cousin.  That’s not the reason she is getting this #MommyMondays shout out though.  She is getting this shout out because she is a truly fabulous mother.

    She has two gorgeous, grown children.  The are both not only beautiful but intelligent and caring human beings.  Even still, that is not why she is getting the shout out today.  Today she is getting the shout out because this past Friday she was the mother of the bride.


    Minime and I were blessed to be able to attend one of the most magical weddings I’ve been been to.  The bride looked as if she stepped out of a fairytale.  You could feel the love in every moment from the church to the cocktail hour to the reception and even to the after party (which the bride and groom missed).

    Just like in every fairytale the magic comes from somewhere.  This time it wasn’t a fairy godmother this time the magic came from the mother of the bride, my amazing cousin, Denise.


    She put so much of her love into preparations.  Denise has (along with her husband) put so much love into her daughter that it comes with no surprise that a standard was set and met in the man her daughter chose to marry.

    This wedding isn’t what makes Denise a great mom.  This wedding just manifested the greatness that she is and does into one magnificent event that people will be talking about for years.


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