Welcoming the WellieWishers At American Girl

Welcoming the WellieWishers At American Girl

What do you do when your pregnant friend asks you to cover an 8a event?  You say yes of course.  And then you get super excited when you find out it’s at American Girl Place on 5th Ave.  You also get yourself and your three year old up at 6a.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  JustaBXgirl and I are blessed.  I don’t know how you parents do it daily.  Waking your child(ren) up, getting all of you ready and out of the house for school and work.  We were able to enjoy our commute downtown during rush hour because we live at the beginning of two train lines (guaranteed seats).


I decided to surprise JustaBXgirl and not tell her where we were going.  When we arrived at the store she still didn’t know we were going inside as she started saying how much she liked the dolls in the windows.  She lit up when we went inside.  And I must admit I did a little bit too.

We were there to celebrate the launch of the new WellieWishers line.  Can you say amazing?  We got to experience the store before it opened.  JustaBXgirl gravitated right over to the tea party display with Ashlyn and Camille.

Apparently, Ashlyn (much like JustaBXgirl) thinks tea parties are the answer to everything.


After the tea party JustaBXgirl had to check out the pajama party that Kendall was having over in the playhouse.  She loved playing with Carrot the rabbit in the hutch.


Pretty soon after JustaBXgirl became a doll herself playing in the life sized playhouse.


Pretty soon it was time to have some breakfast and listen to American Girl Author Valerie Tripp speak.  If you’ve never attended the dining experience at the American Girl Cafe I suggest taking the princess in your life.  It was so nice.

Ashlyn, Camille, Kendall and Emerson joined JustaBXgirl, me and some of your other favorite bloggers at our table.  You are invited to bring your own doll with you for your dining experience but can also use one of theirs.  One of the servers brought over a cup and plate for each of the dolls so they would be part of the meal.  You’re allowed to take the cup and plate home.  The napkin rings are actually hair ties to take with you and there is a conversation box on the table. It’s a beautiful pink American Girl box filled with questions that start conversations.


Valerie Tripp shared what it was like to write the American Girl stories.  She told us that she wanted every little girl to be able to relate with the Wellie Wishers dolls.  She didn’t want to make their stories about magic.  She wanted them to be stories about friends. She wanted children to read the stories and realize that friendship is the true magic (my words not hers lol).


Valerie answered questions, posed for pictures and was all around a lovely woman.  She even signed books for everyone.


After breakfast each blogger was able to select their favorite WellieWisher to take home.  JustaBXgirl of course chose Ashlyn.  She came home to introduce her to Dolly (the name she gave the American Girl Doll she got for Christmas).  They had a tea party complete with apple slices.


Of course before we left the store JustaBXgirl made it a point to go through each floor and pointed out what she wanted me to add to her Christmas list.  Don’t judge, it’s how I keep her from asking me to buy out stores immediately.  The rest of the WellieWishers line was at the top of her list.  With the retail price of $60 she might just be able to expect one or two of them to join the party.

This morning JustaBXgirl snuggled in bed watching Netflix with Ashlyn.  We want to say thank you to 3CityGirlsNYC, MomTrends and American Girl for letting us be a part of the amazing #mtWellieWishers launch day.


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