Back To School Game Night – Volume #1 – Kiddy Connects

Back To School Game Night – Volume #1 – Kiddy Connects

JustaBXgirl has been bitten by the Back To School bug even though she isn’t due to start school until Sept 2017!  If you know anything about me though you know I am all about making my baby girl happy.  Even though she won’t officially be starting school I have embraced and celebrated her Back To School fever.

She was really excited when I announced that rather than regular game nights we would be having Back To School Game Nights with brand new games.  What makes a Back To School Game Night you ask?  In our house it is a board game night with a special link to learning.  Don’t get me wrong. I find almost all board games to hold educational value but when picking our Back To School games I wanted to make sure I was hitting the basics.  These games not only made you use your skills when it comes to rolling dice and distinguishing colors.  These games challenged you mentally and sometimes physically.

Our first game is perfect for all ages.  It kept the attention of my two year old niece and even got my soon to be twenty-two year old brother involved.  This Pre-School game night came by the way of Edushapes’ Kiddy Connects – Advanced.

We were given a sample for review purposes. As always all opinions are those of myself and JustaBXgirl.
We were given a sample for review purposes. As always all opinions are those of myself and JustaBXgirl.
Kiddy Connects – Advanced comes with 50 pieces and is listed for ages 2+

I really love that there are different ways we can play with this.  It comes with fifty pieces to build into many different shapes.  There is a fold out with eleven different designs to try to emulate.  You can see it in front of my nephew in the picture below.  He’s eight and really enjoyed trying to match the photos.  He started with the easy images and worked up to the more difficult ones.imageedit_23_8534584552JustaBXgirl and her little cousin had more fun free building.  When JustaBXgirl plays with the Kiddy Connects alone she is more inclined to follow the diagrams.  When playing with others she is more into shouting directions.imageedit_21_4683054648My two year old niece lost interest once she had difficulty connecting the pieces but came back later to help her big cousins when her dad decided to play with them.

JustaBXgirl getting her uncle in on the fun.

This was a fun family afternoon getting the kids to use reasoning, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and socialization.  Getting two toddlers and an eight year old to share can be a difficult task but they were very excited to help each other build.
I really like that they don’t realize how educational Kiddy Connects is.  We will definitely be using this set a lot.

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