Cabbage Patch Kids – More Than Just Toys

Cabbage Patch Kids – More Than Just Toys

We all know that some toys just stand the test of time.  Our parents played with them, we played with them and now our children (and in some cases grandchildren) play with them.  There was something special about seeing JustaBXgirl with her first Cabbage Patch Kids doll.

Cabbage Patch Kids were a major part of my childhood.  I had many of them and can still remember my favorites, Anastasia, the first talking Cabbage Patch Kid and Raul, he came from Spain.  Then there was the Cabbage Patch Kids doll I had for a short time.  A really cute baby boy that was broken at a sleepover!  And so many more I can’t remember all of their name.  When I opened the box for JustaBXgirl inhaling the scent brought back so many happy memories for me.  There’s just something so soothing and special about the Cabbage Patch Kids smell.  And I will begrudgingly admit that when I hugged this beautiful baby doll I thought about keeping her for myself!

cabbage patch kids glitzy girl
We received this product for review purposes. As always opinions are honest and solely those of myself and JustaBXgirl

Even thinking about it and looking over at her baby (who’s name apparently JustaBXgirl said I can’t share on the blog) I get a little emotional.  I know that one day she will watch her children play with these same toys and feel what I’m feeling.  A sense of joy that life comes full circle.  A sense of pride that I am raising her to be a caring and concerned parent as she checks if things are healthy for her baby to “eat.”

cpk adoptimals glitzy girl
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The Glitz Girl that JustaBXgirl was gifted is a perfect fit for her.  Do you see how fancy this doll is?  And her beautiful curls?  Yup, they’re a perfect pair.  The new Cabbage Patch Kids Collection includes something for everyone.  There’s Country Girl, Soccer Girl and Baseball Boy to name a few.  Which do you think your little would like the most?

Sometimes JustaBXgirl co-sleeps
Sometimes JustaBXgirl co-sleeps

Did you collect Cabbage Patch Kids as a child?  JustaBXgirl is really into baby dolls lately so I believe we will be collecting these for a long time.  And since the doll came with a heart shaped key bracelet that can interact with the new Adoptimal Pets line I know she’s going to want a pet too.

honestly cute target cabbage patch kids glitzy girls cpk
And sometimes she doesn’t.

Baby dolls are such a great learning toy for children.  They are also a great way to check in on how we’re parenting.  In true #transparentparenting fashion I pay close attention to how JustaBXgirl talks to and treats her dolls.  Listening to her discipline them makes me realize at times how I must sound.  Listening to her tell her dolls she has to work and dropping them to me to watch makes me wonder if I work too much.  Listening to her worry about if they ate enough or are enjoying their toys reminds me I must not be doing that bad of a job.

Lately JustaBXgirl has been having baby fever because she looks at pictures of friends babies with me regularly so playing with her Cabbage Patch and other baby dolls definitely helps distract her from asking this single mama to have another baby!

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