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Well Rounded’s Tips By Trimester



Well Rounded’s Tips By Trimester

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  • I’m finding it hard to admit that JustaBXgirl is no longer a baby.  It seems like every day she is doing more and more on her own.  It makes me miss having a tiny baby around.  Blessed that my nephew will be born in a few months and I will have him to spoil and snuggle.  In preparing for his birth I figured it would be good to see what has changed in the years since JustaBXgirl has been born.

    My sister-in-law and I will be attending Well Rounded’s Tips By Trimester.  I’m excited to meet with new baby brands so I can share with all of you the new must haves and I know my sister-in-law is excited for the chance to hear from experts about what has changed since my niece was born.

    If you’re in the NYC area March 23rd and expecting you should join us for the evening.  Get your tickets here.


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