Spring Fashion Plans – One Look For All Your Needs

Spring Fashion Plans – One Look For All Your Needs

Spring has sprung and now I’m sitting here waiting for the weather to catch up. If you remember I said this year I was going to do my best to always #LoveMe.  Part of this loving me journey is taking me back to my basics.  I’m getting back to caring a little more about how I look.  Now, I might not be back to knowing and following all of the latest trends but I have am taking baby steps and trying to learn how to cultivate a style that works for my age, body and lifestyle.

Here’s one of the looks I’m thinking is going to work for me this spring.  Would love to hear your thoughts about it as well.

Forever 21 ShirtGet It Here

I’m loving this style of shirt.  It’s fun and casual but at the same time still sexy and chic.  It also makes me feel more comfortable now that my stomach is no longer flat.  I keep saying I’m going to go back to yoga and will do better with eating on a schedule so my body doesn’t hold onto fat but until those things become reality…shirts like this will be great to hide the pouch!

skinny jeansGet It Here

There was a time in my life that I probably only owned two pairs of jeans (both designer).  Nowadays my wardrobe consists of little else and most no longer fit right and 98% come from Forever 21 or H&M.  This pair here reminds me that sometimes it’s okay to spend a little more (especially when you catch a sale or discount like with these).  It reminds me that even though jeans are casual they can still make you feel good about yourself and the right pair can be worn just about anywhere.

cute shoesGet It Here

Shoes?!!!! Shoes used to be my drug of choice.  When I lived in Brooklyn I used a bedroom in my apartment as my walk-in closet.  I had well over a hundred pairs of shoes.  I think I owned one pair of sneakers and no flats other than sandals, flipflops and winter boots.  Somewhere along the line I decided to live more minimally.  I remember one time I called myself purging I got rid of about 75 pairs!  Now I still have many more shoes than I wear but my style and life has changed drastically.  I am no longer comfortable in the six inch heels awaiting my return in storage.  After a few hours even a three inch heel feels like torture.  I like these because I feel as if they look comfortable and cute enough that I could handle running from one event to another while wearing them.

Style Confidence ClubGet It Here

I wish I could say I was doing this all by my little old self.  I can say however that when you put things into the Universe you have to listen for their return.  Shortly after saying (to myself) that I need to purge my closet and start over gradually rebuilding with things that work for my current body and lifestyle I was invited to be part of Style Confidence Club.   Already I have learned so much.  Can you believe I never knew my true body type?  Now I can embrace being a type 2 and all that comes with it.  And it makes me feel fancy!  I get expert advice and tips on how to seriously dress for success.  This isn’t some salesperson trying to make a sale.  This is a company that cares because guess what?  If I don’t look good neither do they.  I must admit it has been an adjustment and I will forever be a work in progress but now I’m learning how to dress for my build as opposed to just for what I like.  You can try them out too for this really good deal.  ($130 Off – Now only $69 – Code: SHOPSHARE130)

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