Mommy & Me Mother’s Day Gala

Mommy & Me Mother’s Day Gala

Do you ever have fears that you know are irrational?  Just me?  Being a solo parent I’ve always wondered how my daughter will feel when daddy daughter dances start happening around her.  Granted, I never experienced one growing up but they seem to be a bit more popular these days.  I know that JustaBXgirl has amazing men in her world showering her with love.  Her grandfather is king but her godfather and uncles (family and friends) are not far behind.  I know she will never have to skip a dance if she doesn’t want to but I also have to be honest with myself that she will never attend one of those dances with her biological father.

There’s a lot that she won’t get to experience with him and maybe that’s one of the reasons I’m always trying to fill her world with new experiences.  Not because I think I can replace the ones that she won’t have but because I want her to always know there’s something else out there.  And sometimes I have to learn that lesson too.  Not once while worrying about father daughter dances did I even consider that there were Mommy and Me ones.  I know!  But that’s how fears work right?  They keep you concentrating on the big bad and you miss the rainbow after the storm.

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We will be attending The Ultimate Play Date Mommy & Me Gala as media.

I have to thank Shakera from Ultimate Play Date for reaching out to me and squashing my fear.  Shakera reached out to invite me to a Mommy & Me Gala taking place on May 6th in Harlem.   How fun is that?  A chance for us to get all dolled up.  A chance to go on a fancy mommy and me date.  A chance to celebrate Mother’s Day in style (yes, I know it’s a week before the holiday).  A chance to attend my baby girl’s first dance.

Of course I’m already planning our outfits.  I figure I have to take advantage of JustaBXgirl willing to twin with me since I have no idea how long this phase will last.  And most certainly JustaBXgirl is ready to shop!  I’m waiting for her to start asking if she can paint her nails since it’s a special occasion.

Have you started planning how to celebrate Mother’s day?  I would love to see some of you at the gala too.  Here’s the link to buy your tickets on Eventbrite.   A mommy & me ticket is $100.  I know, you’re not used to spending that on yourself but please remember that it includes admission for you and your little along with dinner for each of you.  The night will consists of live entertainment as well as a DJ.  I’m sure JustaBXgirl will be on the dance floor most of the night.

Update 5/6:  The event was canceled and ticket holders were contacted by email.  Sadly, there was an oversight and I wasn’t included in the email.  I found out about the cancellation when JustaBXgirl and I were halfway there.  Shakera apologized for the inconvenience and said she would be sending a gift to JustaBXgirl.  It was a kind gesture and I will update you all when it arrives but sharing the gesture did little to appease the crying four year old that was excited to go to her first gala.

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