Top 10 From Toy Fair

Top 10 From Toy Fair

I attended the event as press. All opinions expressed are honest and solely mine and JustaBXgirl’s. This post includes affiliate links. That means if you purchase something through them it doesn’t cost you more but I will receive a small compensation.

I love my job.  Have I said that enough lately?  I recently attended this year’s Toy Fair and had so much fun.  It was great to get a behind the scenes look at all the new stuff coming to the toy market for 2018 and it was great to see so many of my favorite brand reps face to face. While toys are a huge perk of being a blogger, the relationships I get to cultivate with the brand reps are so much better.

Okay, I know you’re not here for the mushy.  You’re here for the toys.  There were so many really fantastic products coming out that I just couldn’t choose.  Instead, I let JustaBXgirl go through all of the photos (didn’t get her press registration done in time) and select what she thinks will be the top ten of the year.

Here they are in no particular order:

spin master, flush force, toilet toys, series 1

  1. Flush Force – JustaBXgirl asked me for these about a week before I headed to Toy Fair so it was no surprise when she chose them as one of her top picks.  These collectibles come in their own toilet and you can add water to flush them out! There are 150 characters to collect in series panther, captain america, marvel, dgl toys, inflatamals, inflate-a-mals
  2. Inflate-a-mals – JustaBXgirl likes to snuggle with toys lately so this pick was a no-brainer. Who doesn’t want a friend to cozy up to that is almost their size?  Why will parents love these? Because they are easy to store when not in use.  Yup, they deflate! And not only do they come in Marvel characters (cough, Black Panther, cough) and NFL players, they also come in fun animal designs your littles can ride! Who doesn’t want to sit on a unicorn or stand next to a giraffe?
  3. Paint-Sation – Bye-bye paint spills.  JustaBXgirl loves painting.  Sadly, I limit her participating in painting crafts when I am not able to supervise because I’m scared of the mess I would return to.  This takes that fear away.  Paint-Sation doesn’t spill!  Each paint pod has 1.4 ounces of paint.  If you paint you know that is a lot of paint.jakks, jakks pacific, harry potter, wizard wands
  4. Jakks Pacific’s Harry Potter Wizard Training Wand – Did you know it is the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter being released in the States?  JustaBXgirl is a Harry Potter fan and we are currently reading book 5 of the series.  On our way home from Florida in January she asked for a wand.  When I told her what these wands could do, they jumped to the top of her wish list.  You can play with these wands a number of ways.  Either b yourself or with friends.  Yup, you can have a wand duel!kd interactive, rescue runts, rescue pets, shelter animals
  5. KD Interactive’s Rescue Runts – JustaBXgirl loved how these pets start out scruffy and you groom/nurse them back to health.  She giggled when I told her she would be responsible for getting their “fleas” off. The Rescue Runts will come in a variety of cats and dogs.  You will even be able to rescue a unicorn!!!beaker creatures, learning resources
  6. Learning Resources Beaker Creatures – I love when science meets fun.  JustaBXgirl saw these and just thought fun.  Another collectible that we must have!vampirina, ghoul girls, play set, van
  7. Vampirina Rock N’ Jam Touring Van – The Scare B&B playset is still one of JustaBXgirl’s favorites.  So of course, she loves the idea of Vampirina being in a band and them having a tour van.  How else will they be able to go on rockstar adventures?north star games, funky chicken, happy salmon, card games
  8. North Star Games’ Funky Chicken Card Game – Once you think you’ve mastered Happy Salmon this is the game to play.  JustaBXgirl started doing her own Funky Chicken when I explained to her how to play.  Looking for a fun, quick game that the whole family can play together (and enjoy), look no further.splashlings, shell, playset
  9. Splashlings Shell Time Play Sets– These sets are right up JustaBXgirl’s alley.  She loves tiny toys and these can fit right in her purse to take to Abuela’s house.  And she’s already a fan of Splashlings.
    moose toys, little live, bizzy bubs10. Little Live Bizzy Bubs – Here’s another toy that JustaBXgirl had asked about not far before Toy Fair.  I’m telling you she stays on top of the toy trends! Now we have to wait for the clapping Bizzy Bubs to be released because they are oh so adorable.

Bonus Item: Anything LEGO– Did you know that the LEGO brick turns 60 this year? What will you build?  If you’re JustaBXgirl you will want to build EVERYTHING.  She has recently gotten into LEGO sets and let me tell you she is good!  She recently built a Frozen set and a LEGO Elves set almost alone!  There are so many fabulous sets coming out this year she couldn’t choose just one to be included in this round-up.

I must share some not so happy news about the list above.  Not all of these products are out as of today.  Don’t worry, they are coming!  Some will be out in March, some over the summer and some over the fall.  They will all be out before the holidays and most will probably be on your littles holiday wish lists (they’re already on JustaBXgirl’s).  Stock up now so you won’t be searching for them later.




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