Book Club Is Back!

Book Club Is Back!

O received many of these titles for review purposes. As always opinions are honest and solely my own. This post also includes affiliate links.

I have been slacking the last couple of months and I have been selfish.  I have not been sharing what is on my current bookshelf.  It is my goal to get back to monthly reading round-ups with five or six books that you should keep an eye out both for yourself and your littles.  Today, however, I am stuck indoors because we have a snow storm brewing outside and I refuse to touch snow in the spring!

As I sit here hiding out I am going through the books I currently have piled up nearby to be read and let me tell you there is some good stuff in this pile.  I couldn’t wait to share them all with you.  Some of these you might have seen on my social media in the last few months but I wanted you to have an easy way to find them.

Without further ado and so that I can get back to reading I present my current reading list!

Decluttering At The Speed Of Life by Dana K. White – Yup, I cannot be the only person that needs this book. Plus she doesn’t just tell you what you should be doing.  She coming to us from the I space.  She has been there.  She is not judging us but instead letting us know there is life after clutter!

Let The Story Do the Work The Art Of Storytelling For Business Success by Esther K. Choy – Another author speaking to me.  I told myself that this year I would treat my blog more like a business.  Esther is here for me.  She’s reminding me that I already know how to tell my story now I just need to use what I have to get where I want.

Twisted Threads by Kaylin McFarren – Looking to escape reality? This is quite the trip.  There’s intrigue, suspense, and a Caribbean cruise.  Might make you look over your shoulder once or twice.

Maternally Challenged by Kathy Chlan – Can I tell you that Kathy is now my friend in my head? This was a very easy and real read.  Kathy shared her family’s truth in a way that felt like you were sitting down having coffee with a friend. You know the type that isn’t afraid to share what her life is really like, the good, the bad and the ugly? Yup, that is who Kathy became to me reading this book.  Someone that wasn’t afraid to speak her truth because she knows one day the person she is speaking to will really need to hear it.

You Have to Laugh To Keep From Crying How To Parent Your Parents by Charlotte Cannion-  Can I admit something?  I need this book.  I am watching both of my parents get older and need me more and more.  It is scary and lonely and I will be writing a post on the topic soon because I’m sure I’m not the only one dealing with this.  In the meantime, I will be reading and taking notes from Charlotte’s book.

Long Road To The Hard Truth by Robert L. Wilkins – I haven’t been to the National Museum of African-American History And Color as of yet.  I want my first visit to be with JustaBXgirl on her first visit.  I want it to be a time when she can begin to understand why knowing our history is so very important. This book is about how Robert L. Wilkins made it his mission to see the museum open and the Long Road it took personally and historically to get there.

My Faith Journey 52 week Guided Devotional With Scripture – I’ve never been great at bible study or meditation.  I feel like this can help me.  It can help me to grow my relationship with God and keep me centered in moments of chaos.  And let me tell you that I have many of those moments!

And for your littles:

Mackenzie Goes Adventuring by J.L. Bauman -This book is filled with colors and adventure for our littles.  It also allows us some real-life talking points with them.  Mackenzie talks a friend into going on an adventure with her and while they end up making new friends and having some fun they also find themselves in some not so fun situations.

Mahalia Jackson Walking With Kings And Queens by Nina Nolan – I didn’t know who Mahalia Jackson was until one day during a Black History lesson in school.  I love that books like this exist so that my child can learn of greatness anytime.  It makes me excited when an author can find an age-appropriate way of sharing someone’s struggle and triumph.  This author does a wonderful job of bringing Mahalia Jackson to life for my 5-year-old.

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