May Bookshelf

May Bookshelf

May has been a busy month but I couldn’t let it go by without sharing our latest bookshelf with you. I really wish I could say we always get all of the books on our bookshelf read but life happens and we don’t. I do love that JustaBXgirl is as into books as I am. Now when we leave the house I don’t have to remind her to pack a book for the ride. In fact, sometimes I have to ask her to put some of the books she packs back!

With summer quickly approaching I know it will be important to keep us reading even when we don’t spend as much time commuting while school is on break. I’m planning to keep JustaBXgirl reading by creating a reading log with her.  It worked when her bank set one up last summer. She’s a competitive child so she wants to “win.”

If you’re looking for some new books to add to your summer list check these out.

goodnight puerto rico, baby books, board books

Goodnight Puerto Rico By Lisa Bolivar and Matthew Martinez – JustaBXgirl has a few of the Good Night Our World books but I have to tell you this is one of my favorites. I think it is one of her favorites as well. We both enjoy seeing familiar locations and animals included. It is a great additional to every child’s bookshelf.

autism uncensored, autism awareness, 1 in 68

Autism Uncensored by Whitney Ellenby – Autism Awareness needs to be more than just a month out of the year. Our children are being diagnosed more and more often. I’m all about transparent parenting and this book is just that. A transparent tale of one mother’s journey through diagnosis and discovery.

catalina and the king's wall

Catalina and the King’s Wall by Patty Costello – In our current world this book is right on time. Catalina lives in a land ruled by a king that wants to build a wall. Catalina decides she will do something to stop this because she doesn’t want her family kept away. I loved this book for a very different way than JustaBXgirl did. She loved thinking about the walls Catalina cooked up while I loved how easily it was too fool the king into thinking he would get his way without ever truly keeping her family out.

tie-dye, diy

Totally Awesome Tie-Dye Fun To Make Fabric Dyeing Projects For All Ages by Suzanne McNeill – This book found its way to us at the perfect time. JustaBXgirl hasn’t gotten into the tie-dye craze yet BUT she has a tie-dye day coming up at school so guess where we will be going for inspiration? You got it. Tight into the pages of this. There are sooo many choices. This should keep us busy all summer.

mayim bialik, boying up

Boying Up by Mayim Bialik – I’ve been a fan of Mayim since she was Blossom. I recently got to listen to her speak and my fangirlness has only grown. I may not have a boy but I am looking forward to reading this cover to cover. I’m hoping it will help me understand my nephews a lot more than I do now.

sanity lost and found

Sanity Lost & Found by Tarra Judson Stariell – Some true stories are more than fiction can ever imagine. This story is powerful and reminds us that anyone can be vulnerable but that being lost doesn’t mean we can’t one day find our way again.

merry-go round

Chasing The Merry-Go-Round by Kelly Bargabos – I’m really looking forward to reading this title. It is a story that reminds the world that when shown acceptance and love resilience can go and we can survive.

spartan and the green egg

Spartan & The Green Egg by Nabilia Khashoggi – JustaBXgirl has recently become interested in comics and graphic novels. We normally start a series at Book 1 but this time we were sent Book 4 and decided to jump right in. I love that this series will be one that I can introduce to my nephews as well to spark their interest in reading over the summer.

puerto rico strong, graphic novel, anthology

Puerto Rico Strong– Speaking of graphic novels, I’m loving this one. Puerto Rico is about to enter hurricane season again and it has not come close to recovering from last year’s devestation. This anthology is a great reminder that the island will rise again!


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