Why Did I Celebrated International Women’s Day With Chick Flick The Musical?

Why Did I Celebrated International Women’s Day With Chick Flick The Musical?

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I attended a showing as media. As always, all opinions are honest and my own.

I love that there is an International Women’s Day. Take that in for a moment. There is a day to celebrate the magic that is WOMAN. We have it hard, ladies. Think about it, we’re expected to do everything that men do and we’re expected to do it in heels and a smile. Today and every day, I want you to know that you are appreciated. You are respected. You are enough. You are seen. I didn’t do anything special today. In fact, it was a kind of stressful day but that is a story for another time. The story that I’m here to share is the one about how I celebrated International Women’s Day with Chick Flick The Musical!

As you know I get invited to lots of events as media to share with all of you. Some of them, I jump at. Other events, I’m hesitant about. When Chick Flick The Musical crossed my inbox, I was hesitant. I mean, I LOVE a good chick flick. Who doesn’t? Yet, wrapping my head around how it would be as a musical was a bit more difficult. I almost passed up the opportunity but, I love attending the theater and I really needed a mommy night out. Like, really needed one! I was really excited that Da Geeky 1 over at Two Geeks And A Dame was invited too. I called up our Sister-In-Christ to be my plus one and our moms’ night out was planned. We all admitted that we expected the show to be a bit on the cheesy side but planned to enjoy it just like we would a cheesy chick flick (think, Girls Just Want To Have Fun)!

Let me tell you something. This show was not at all what I expected. Yes, it was hilarious. You will definitely laugh out loud and might want to wear a Poise to be safe! Hey, let’s face it. We’ve all been there. The setting was beautiful and engaging. It pulled us in the minute we entered the theater. The characters were relatable. Even their issues, while somewhat exaggerated, still reminded you of different points in your life. And their friendship! Their friendship was what resonated with me.

They were four women, that were all so very different yet the love and devotion they had to each other were so clear and shared. Even in the midst of their conflicts, you saw how highly they thought of one another.    And yes, they had conflicts because sometimes friends have conflicts and that is okay. The important thing is how you handle those conflicts. There were parts of the show where I could truly see me and my friends. And there were parts where I hoped we were not like the characters. I left the theater thinking of the ladies as four new friends.

I couldn’t tell you my favorite part of the show because the flow of the show was so well done that they segued from each woman’s focal scene to the next one’s effortlessly. The music was SO MUCH better than anything that I could have expected. In fact, I hope that the soundtrack will be available because I want to jam at home with it and share it with JustaNOLAmom. Here’s one of my favorite songs (and new favorite games).

Now, you might say, “sounds cute but what does it have to do with celebrating International Women’s Day?” I think it is great that on March 8th we celebrate women that are doing HUGE things. I think it is great that we remember women in history that have paved the road for many of us today. I love that we celebrate contributions made by these women. BUTTTTTTTTTT…today, I really just want to celebrate the every day woman. Today, I want to celebrate my friends and family. Today I want to celebrate and honor those women that help me walk my journey each and every day. Those women young and old, close and far make my world a better place and I wouldn’t be me without them. Spending the evening watching the women in Chick Flick The Musical dealing with their highs and lows together reminded me that I am blessed to have my own chicks to laugh and cry with. Seeing them rally behind one another reminded me how grateful I am for my cheerleaders that make sure I celebrate and acknowledge even my smallest successes. Seeing them lift each other up during their low moments had me saying a prayer of thanks for the women in my circle that hold my hand and wipe my tears.

The cherry on the pie was that I was able to see it with a few of my favorite chicks. I plan on seeing it again and maybe again with others in my tribe and I recommend that you do the same! You can check out more about the show here.

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