August Bookshelf

August Bookshelf

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We received some of these titles for review purposes. As always all opinions are honest and solely my own. This post contains affiliate links.

How is it August already? Does time even still matter? Usually, this is the point of the summer when I’m getting sad because school will be starting soon and our freedom will be lessened by schoolwork and homework and responsibilities. This year is a little different. Our freedom hasn’t felt so free this summer. We haven’t gone on as many adventures outside of our house. Instead, many of our adventures have been through books. Here are a few that we read this month.

Mommy, Am I American? – We are living during a time when many of us can question what it means to be an American. We might question our love of the country and its love for us. This book explains the ideals of being American beautifully. It discuss those that have done the hard work and have sacrificed to make America a little bit greater. It also discusses that just like in our every day life that sometimes the choices made by the leaders of America might not always be the best. I love that after the book is over, the author shares information on the great Americans included in the story.

Happy The Birthday Bird – Okay, so this is more than a book. If you only want the book, you can get it here on Amazon. The book is a fun interactive read that really comes to life when paired with the plushie. Happy is here to show littles to never give up on their dreams and to think outside the box when achieving goals. Happy is also here to celebrate their big days. Happy came to visit JustaBXgirl for her half-birthday last month and they had so much fun we can’t wait for him to visit again!

But I Need Your Help Now – I think this book should be in every classroom. It is sitting on JustaBXgirl’s desk because she has decided that she wants to share it with her new class when school starts remotely. I like that it shows children how and when to interrupt under different scenarios. Isaac, the main character is very relatable as well.

Prince and His Mother’s Crown – This is a sweet story celebrating a son’s love for his mother. It is also a love letter to his mother’s hair. In Communities of Color, hair is a very important topic and I love how it is discussed and valued in this story.

Herman Jiggle, Go to Sleep – I’ve taken to grabbing this book as our bedtime story when I need JustaBXgirl to reel it in a bit. It seems, much like Herman Jiggle that my child has a million thoughts that need to be shared as soon as I need her to get ready for bed. She giggles when I pull out this title because she is very aware that she can be very much like Herman Jiggle!

These Are My Pants – I really enjoyed reading this book. Sam the squirrel is adorable and quite fashion forward. The book reads interactive. Sam asks questions of the reader as he shares his pants choices throughout the story. That in itself would be a cute story but as you get close to the end, Sam learns that as great as it is to have many pairs of pants, it feels even better sharing with someone that has less than you.

Kid Scoop Super Silly Jokes for Kids – JustaBXgirl loves jokes, and so do I. This is they type of book that will get dogeared and worn out because we will take it with us and tell each other jokes everywhere we go. Joke books are great for road trips and waiting in line.

Supadupa Kid 2 – Move – We cannot tell you how excited we are for this book to be out. We spent part of our quarantine time hanging out with Ty Allan Jackson on Instagram with The Supadupa Kid Book Club. We had pre-ordered this and can’t wait to see the latest adventure.

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