March Bookshelf

March Bookshelf

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We received a number of these titles for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links.

I love that JustaBXgirl is as into reading as I am. When books arrive in our home she grabs them and heads to her corner of the couch to sit and read. She then tells me if she thinks the book is a keeper for her library or should be sent to a friend for their library. The books that she decides are keepers are the ones that you see in the list. I kind of have the same formula for choosing which adult titles make it to the post.

Do you share books with your village? They’re some of our favorite gifts to give. When a title resonates with us we want our friends to read it too so we can talk about it. These are the titles that we’re talking about this month. What titles are you talking about?

Freddie and Friends Bugging Out – We all feel like bugging out sometimes. Sometimes even the smallest problem can leave us feeling like the only choice is to explode. This book gives us ways to handle those moments and avoid bugging out on small problems. I love that Boys Town Press books give tips that can easily be used in real life.

Practicing Patience – We all have moments when we don’t want to wait. We all know how fidgety we can get when having to wait. This book is wonderful in giving littles and bigs tips on how to be more patient. Gabe learns some great waiting ways from his left and right shoes. They are things that our littles (and ourselves) can put into practice.

The Great Little Tailor – This book filled me with so much emotion. There are so many layers to it. There is the love of a father and son. There is the hope of a child filled with dreams. There is the desire of a parent to provide. There is the fear of not having enough. And there is the power of community. The pictures are beautiful and the ending filled me with joy. JustaBXgirl grabbed it from my hands the moment it arrived and sat down to read all about The Great Little Tailor because she herself enjoys sewing and felt an automatic connection just from the cover!

Mona Lisa in New York – I LOVED this book and so did my little artist. It is a love story and sort of a coming of age story. Mona Lisa just knew she knew everything until she met Tag a grafitti piece from Brooklyn. Tag helped Mona Lisa see that there was more to the world then what she knew in the museums. As they traveled through NYC they took us on a whirlwind art tour.

The Last Tree – This book is such a message! I think it is a great book to read together with your littles and discuss. When a group of friends discovers a forest to live in but uses all of the trees except to isolate themselves from each other how will they find their way back? The children of course!

The Greatest Show Penguin – This is a beautiful story of Poppy the penguin learning to be true to herself. When Poppy realizes what makes her family happy doesn’t really make her happy she worries that they won’t understand and she won’t be able to find something that does make her happy. Instead, she finds that her mother knows exactly what she needs. And with learning some new skills she became The Greatest Show Penguin making her parents extremely proud.

The Awesome Book of Women – This book is awesome! It shares information about so many women. Some of the names are recognizable and some were new for me. The book organizes the women by areas of impact. The women in these pages helped and are helping to shape the world we live in. It’s time for us to recognize them and their contributions.

Victory for the Vote – Speaking of contributions, this book takes us on the journey of women in the United States. It gives us the history of women in this country from the beginning and reminds us that women weren’t given anything. They fought then and we must continue fighting now.

Still I Rise – The Persistence of Phenomenal Women – Most books about people in history share a photo and short bio before moving on to the next person. I enjoyed that this book read differently. Each chapter is about a woman and while it is a biography it tells her story more completely. I didn’t feel as if I were just reading a list of facts but was taken on a journey through each woman’s life.

Badass Black Girl – This book is a gift. Reading it feels like being in a sister circle being blessed with words of wisdom from friends that have walked the path before you. It was written for teens and I am excited to give it to my niece but I will admit that the messages hit home for me to. I love the format of it and how it assigns the reader work to do. We cannot be passive in our lives and this book reminds us of that. The quotes, the affirmations, the challenges all come together to make reading this book feel like a journey towards becoming a better version of you.

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