July Bookshelf – Summer Reading

July Bookshelf – Summer Reading

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We received many of these titles for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Normally, I don’t share our bookshelf until the middle or end of the month. I wanted to try something new this month. Our local libraries are about to reopen and I want you to have all the fun titles to go look for (or request) when you visit yours. Plus, with summer truly underway, I’m guessing that littles need some good old fashion storytime adventures to embark on. The books included in this month’s bookshelf will introduce your littles to new friends. Don’t worry, there’s something included here for you too!

Tangled Up – We all get tangled up at times. This past year, I know I have. And JustaBXgirl has. I’m betting you have too. Books like these are important to have on our home library shelves because they remind our littles (and ourselves) that we are not alone. They remind us that no matter how big our emotions feel we do not have to take them on alone. This book helps normalizes talking to therapists and counselors. It gives the reminder that even when we feel all tangled up, we can take our time and untabgle so that our magic can shine again.

The Amazingly Awesome Amani – This book is an AWESOME introduction to an awesome little boy. We know how I feel about representation. This book does it. It represents simply by sharing who Amani is. We learn about how brave and brilliant this little boy is while learning of the challenges he faces during school.

The Amazing Adventures of Awesome Amani – This book allowed us to get to know the Awesome Amani a bit more. Even though it is a work of fiction, it is a really honest look into the lives of the family and their journey to Amani’s Autsim diagnosis as well as his journey to becoming a superhero. This book is a great reminder that superheroes come in all shapes, sizes and communication abilities.

The Sensationally Super Sandy – JustaBXgirl enjoyed the book so much that she asked if she could write our blurb by herself. Without further ado, here are her thoughts on this title: This girl is sensationally kind heart. She has a brother Amani that has Autism. There is a girl named Annabelle in Sandy’s class that has Autism and is getting bullied at school for having Autism. Annabell has trouble speaking like Amani. Sandy helps include every kid and helps people understand kids with Autism to make sure that they have people to talk to. I loved the meaning in this book and we now know a little bit more about Autism.

The Collectors – These girls are a dynamic duo. They are two friends with an awesome collection. What are they to do when there is room for only one more collectible? They go on a mission to find the most perfect specimen to complete their collection. JustaBXgirl and I really enjoyed reading it together. The adventure to find the final piece was lots of fun and ended in the most perfect way!

The Brave Learner – This title has been ALL over my Instagram timeline. I knew I had to pick it up as I began to transition from Afterschool Home Schooler to Full Time Home Schooler. I tried reading a few other homeschool based titles before this one and honestly couldn’t get past the first chapter or two. This book was different. I felt like I was getting something out of it from the start. It shared ideas, support and and felt authentic. I’ve been taking notes and sharing info with my VIP members.

Efrain’s Secret – I have been a fan of Sofia Quintero’s writing FOREVER. I have no idea why it took me so long to get my hands on this title. As always, she brings a world to life that I know. Her characters are real. Their struggles are relatable and it is easy to care about them. Efrain is no different. The journey this young man takes in the book made me emotional. It was the untold story of so many young men and young women in urban areas. Ms. Quintero does not shy away from difficult terrain. I thank her for this. It is a great gift and book club read for all teenagers but especially young men of color growing up in inner cities.

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