Game School – We All Win

Game School – We All Win

We were sent a number of these titles for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links.

We want them to learn. They want to have fun. Why can’t we both win? The games that I have included in this post make it possible for us all to do just that. We win by spending time together. We win by creating a space to laugh, love, and learn together. I’ve learned that even when they fight us, our littles really just want to be near us. Game nights have always been a thing in our home and as JustaBXgirl gets older, I find them even more important.

Game School not only teaches our littles school lessons, but it also teaches us all life lessons and more about each other. Think about it. Playing games together gives us all types of insights into the personalities of our loved ones. Pay attention to how they roll the dice, arrange their game pieces, hold and order their cards. I think I might need to do an entire post on things we can learn while playing games. In the meantime, check out these games and let me know which you think your littles will love the most.

Teeter Totter Otter – This game is so cute that you want to play with the Otter even after you finish playing. It is all about balance. It is great for a number of game school activities. There is the stacking of course, but so much more. You can do color recognition with younger littles. You can use the game to introduce or complete a unit on the study of otters. Do you know the main differences between sea and river otters? Play this stacking game then research with your littles about your new favorite animal!

Not It – This card game is great for so many facets of home school. It includes a piece of history that I learned about while working on the review. The dice tower has been around for centuries to ensure that players do not cheat. It was the first time that we had played a game using one and I can’t wait to share that tidbit of trivia next time we play. This game is all about NOT matching. Say what? Yup, you have to find a card in your hand that does not match the dice. Trust me, that is easier said than done. Once the three dice come down the dice tower, you want to be the first to not match. The level of focus, speed and analysis needed to win will go far in the world outside of games. Don’t get scared though. It is so much fun to play with a group of friends.

Atomic Forces – I didn’t take chemistry until high school. Other than H20, I can’t say that I remember much from the class. JustaBXgirl is 8 years old and is learning the Periodic Table now. This game makes it fun. JustaBXgirl loves landing on a “Build” challenge. Ojo does a wonderful job of making their games colorful, fun, and super educational. Check out the site and use code Melissa30 for 30% off of purchases.

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