June Bookshelf – Be Inspired

June Bookshelf – Be Inspired

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We received many of these titles for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links.

It’s that time of the year when we feel ready to make time for the things we love. The weather is smiling on us and we want to get more in touch with ourselves and our families. The school year and activities are winding down or have ended and we might be able to steal some time to really enjoy reading. I wanted to include a few titles for the adults on this list because children learn what they live. If we want them to love reading during downtime, we need to model it for them.

I also wanted to share a few titles that can inspire you and your littles. I often think that it is our job as adults to plant seeds in our littles to help them grow to be their most complete selves. Many of our littles are finding their passions and it is our duty to help them find their paths along with those passions.

Personal Librarian – I read this book last month and have been raving about it to everyone that will listen. I had never heard of Belle Da Costa Greene but now she might be one of my favorite people. Her story is the story of the United States. Please read this book so that I can have someone to talk about it with!

The Boy Toy – In full transparency, I have not finished this book yet. I’m reading it for the book club that I joined. It seems to be the ideal summer read. Something you can throw in your bag and read while at the park, pool, or beach.

The ABSs of Calm – I don’t care if you don’t have littles in your home, you need this book on your bookshelf. It is a wonderful reminder of ways to grab your calm. One of my favorite pages is E. E is for Energy. It changes through the day. If that isn’t a message that we can all receive! Seriously, no matter how big or little your little is this book works wonders.

Idea Makers 15 Fearless Female Entrepreneurs – Summer is the perfect time to start thinking about building a business. Why not add this to your bookshelf to start inspiring those littles on how they can spend the summer building a brand. I knew the brands of many of the women featured without knowing their stories. This is a great book to read together as a family. It can lead to powerful and enlightening conversations with our littles. You might be surprised about some of the ideas they have brewing.

From an Idea to LEGO – JustaBXgirl was born making her own path. She has never been one to fit into just one box. Over the past few years, her love of LEGO has grown immensely. Did you know that the name LEGO comes from two Danish words? Leg and godt which translates to play well! If you’ve ever watched someone build with LEGO then you know that they are definitely playing well. The From an Idea To series features Nike, Google, and my favorite, Disney. The series does a fantastic job of taking us on a journey through well-known companies from start to now. It’s a great way to share with our littles that even the biggest companies took time to grow.

The Wild Garden – We love all books that center around a grandpa and granddaughter. This is a fun story about how a grandpa and his granddaughter open their village to the beauty of nature around them. It is also a wonderful story of community. The illustrations are exactly what we have come to expect from Prestel Publishing titles. They are absolute art with so much to see on every page.

Angry Me – Sometimes I get angry…This story is one we all know. We all get angry. We all handle our anger differently at different times. This beautiful little girl walks her through the ways that she gets angry. She shares with us the whys of her anger. She shares with us how sometimes our words make our anger worse and other times they heal the anger. It is a great conversation starter for littles.

The Sisters of Luna Island – Aromagic is the ability to make charms out of scents. Marigold Lafleur’s family is the last known family to possess this type of magic. They also seem to have to deal with a curse. Luckily, Marigold’s bestie is around to help her as she learns to trust her instincts and believe in her own magic. JustaBXgirl grabbed this book right out of my hands when it arrived. She was captivated by the cover and immediately began reading it. In her words, it was such a good book. It’s about sisters, magic, and secrets.

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