Adventures at Home with Bunny Hopkins

Adventures at Home with Bunny Hopkins

We’ve received these products for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own.

You’ve probably seen me post about the Wobble Board from Bunny Hopkins a few times on social media already. We have been checking it and the Stepping Stones out for a few months now and truth be told, we love them as much today as we did when they first arrived. I wanted to take my time with this review because these products are an investment.

bunny hopkins wobble board and stepping stones rainbow

The Wobble Board and Stepping Stones are toys that can grow with your littles. JustaBXgirl loves these things as much as the toddler that I nanny for. The best part is that they are appropriate for both age groups! Yup, a toy that a toddler and a tween can both enjoy. I know that sounds crazy but it is so true. It’s the magic of open-ended play products. The options on how to play with these are as limitless as your imagination.

Here are a few ways that we use them in our home.

Lap Desk

I’m the type of person that can only sit at a desk for so long. When the Wobble Board first arrived, I never thought it would be a desk option. That is until one night when I found myself on the floor getting ready to log into a Zoom meeting. I knew I didn’t want to hold my laptop on my desk because I shift a lot during meetings. That’s another reason I can only sit at my desk for so long. I glanced over and saw the Wobble Board and decided to try it out. Let me tell you, it worked amazingly. Might have been my first time using it as a lap desk but definitely not my last! Granted, I would caution you to make sure your laptop or notebooks are balanced so that they don’t slide off of it. A sliding laptop might not make the best form of play!

The Floor Is Lava

You had to have seen that one coming! Who doesn’t love playing the floor is lava? Who doesn’t love their littles jumping on their furniture while playing the floor is lava? The Bunny Hopkins Stepping Stones are a great way to play and set boundaries on what is a safe space.


Weeeeeeeeee. Everyone loves a good slide. JustaBXgirl and HOPS love sliding down the Wobble Board. It is a great way to teach HOPS about taking turns and playing nicely. It is also a great way to keep them both active throughout the day. It can also be a slide for dolls and plushies because everyone needs a turn. It also can be used as a ramp or race track for cars and LEGO vehicles. JustaBXgirl regularly uses it as a crash test site for new LEGO vehicles she has built.

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Staying active is really important for our littles. We don’t have a backyard and mama works two jobs so we don’t get outside as much as I would like BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t keep things moving. The Stepping Stones work wonderfully as markers. You can use them to do stretches and to keep littles in place. I sometimes call out a color and JustaBXgirl has to get onto that one. She works to get to the designated color as quickly as possible.


We’ve all heard of the troll that lives under the bridge but have you ever heard of the princesses that live under the bridge? JustaBXgirl and HOPS love playing Peek-A-Boo. The Wobble Board is a fun addition to the game. The giggles that come out of HOPS when JustaBXgirl peeks under and says Peek-A-Boo add so much joy to our home.

Wobble Wobble

Have you ever played on a Wobble Board? The weight threshold on this one is 450 pounds! Yup, no excuses for you not to try it. It is really a fun experience. JustaBXgirl loves rocking back and forth. She stands on it. She sits on it. She lays down on it. She kneels on it and as you can see, she offers rides to HOPS on it.

The ways to play really are endless. And the hours of joy obtained are priceless. I’m looking around my home trying to find a way to fit the Climbing Triangle and ramps. I figured that JustaBXgirl was too big for them BUT she saw them on the site and asked me why don’t we have it!

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