Coming to You From Youtube – Holiday Gift Guide

Coming to You From Youtube – Holiday Gift Guide

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We received some of these products for review purposes. As always, opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links

We all know that it is not Saturday morning cartoons that get our littles’ wishlists growing long. These days it is all about Youtube. A few years ago, it seemed that Youtubers were unboxing the hottest toys of the season, which excited our babies. Whenever JustaBXgirl wanted a toy, I would tell her that we should check out Youtube to see what the toy was really like. Let me tell you something, it really did help. Watching her favorite Youtubers unbox an item, seeing what was in the box, and how it really worked would help her decide if it was something she really wanted. Even if they loved the item sometimes seeing it in action would change her mind. Fast forward a few years and it is a different game. Youtube is still a great resource to see what’s in the box BUT now, many of the most asked-for items are actually merch from the Youtubers themselves!

Yup, Youtubers are celebrities to our littles. And since they are constantly making content that our littles love, it shouldn’t surprise you that they are also making products that our littles will love. I’ve rounded up what are sure to be some of the top requests. Now, this list is by no means extensive. Youtubers do not play when it comes to merchandise. A lot of them are creating merch independently so you won’t find it in stores. I did not include anything that is on pre-order or through Juniper, Shopify, or other independent sites because in full transparency those items tend to be expensive and take a really long time to arrive. Now, don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t mean they’re not worth it to our babies. It just means that what I am sharing, you might possibly still be able to get before the holiday arrives.

Doctor Squish Squishy Maker – We got the chance to meet Doctor Squish over the summer as you might remember at Sweet Suite. Not only was she the best to my baby at Sweet Suite, but she also stayed in touch on Instagram after! JustaBXgirl is a proud member of the #SquishySquad and has been having a ball using the Doctor Squish Squishy Maker at home. It will be a very #MerrySquishmas if your little one finds this one under the tree! It is easy to use and comes with everything needed in the box. You can also follow Doctor Squish on IG or Youtube to see everything she creates with it.

Amphau MeeMeows – We actually discovered this Youtube channel after the toys came out. Amphau has a really fun gaming channel that helped JustaBXgirl become more interested in Minecraft. Amphau has these really cute MeeMeows and JustaBXgirl wants all of them. They’re purrfect for stocking stuffers.

Create This Book 2 – Moriah is another of JustaBXgirl’s favorites. She started watching about two years ago and hasn’t missed a video yet. Moriah. Moriah does a wonderful job of making art feel easier. She makes fun of herself and creates fun projects. Create This Book 2 is filled with fun art prompts. Moriah has a series on her channel where she fills it in so if you want more info you can check that out. This is another great stocking stuffer. It works even if your little is an artist that doesn’t watch her channel.

FGTEEV Psycho Pig – I know, I know, this isn’t a new item. If you missed it last year then do yourself a favor and get it NOW. This and all of the FGTeeV toys still get heavy play in my home. If your littles watch their channels then you want to get all of the toys and the books! Make it an #FGTeeVXmas.

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  • Psycho Pig yay that one is for me But how cool the Squish maker I had to 2x take thought it was Moriah E on the box. Cool ideas new I didn’t know about thanks Justabxmom and YouTube

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