April Bookshelf – Celebrating Earth Day By Becoming Better

April Bookshelf – Celebrating Earth Day By Becoming Better

We received a number of these titles for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and solely mine and JustabXgirl’s

We’ve been admiring the beauty of the season. We have been enjoying watching the trees get dressed and the flowers bloom. We have embraced the sun kissing our skin a bit warmer as we walk outside. We also have spent time reading. With Earth Day an important day on our April calendar, I wanted to make sure to include book titles that captured the spirit. Here are a few titles that spoke to us this month about ourselves, our culture, and our planet.

Designing Healthy Boundaries – We have been teaching HOPS about boundaries and it was a good time for me to work on creating healthier boundaries in my life. The thing is, I won’t lie, I need help just like HOPS does. Thankfully, just like she has me and her parents to help her navigate her boundaries, I have resources too. This workbook doesn’t ask me to get it right all at once. It helps me navigate my journey to design the boundaries that will work best for me.

Platanos Are Love – Platanos are love and so is this book. You will be filled with love and comfort from the moment you read the first line. One of my favorite aspects of this book is how easily it flows from one language to the next. Yes, the book speaks to the reader in English and Spanish. Don’t fret, if you only speak one language like me. There’s a glossary of words to help you catch anything you miss. It is a beautiful story that shares the importance of food, family, and history.

How Other Children Learn – A lot of times when we think about raising our children, we only consider the small space we take up in this much larger world. That is a mistake. How can we expect our children to grow into accepting and being part of a global community if we only look at our small space? This book helps us see how different and alike we are to communities that have not been inundated with modernization. It looks at five groups of people that have little or no formal education systems. As a homeschooler, books like this are so important for me to raise my global citizen.

100 Ways To Make The World Better – When looking at the size and problems of the Earth, it can feel as if there is nothing that one person can do to make a difference. This book is a great place to help littles see that they have the power to make a difference and create change with small acts that lead to big changes.

Go Wild! Lions – This is such a delightfully informative read. It educates us on lions while the photos make you want to pet the pictures being so clear. The end of the book even includes activities to help littles continue on their lion-loving journey.

Plants – JustaBXgirl has such a green thumb. Ever since she was tiny, she loved planting seeds in the spring and watching them grow. Currently, she has around nine plants that she cares for year-round at home. They are thriving. If you have a little interested in learning more about how the plant cycle works this is a great introduction.

Water! – Most of us don’t think much about water. We know that it comes out of the faucets when we turn them on and we don’t care about too much else. This book helps us understand a bit more about water. It helps us to see how we can conserve it, teaches us how it makes it to our faucets, and so much more.

Destiny Finds Her Way – This is an easy winner in our home. We love sloths. And now, Destiny might be my favorite sloth of all time. Her story isn’t one just about sloths but also one about overcoming difficulties. This is a book that shows what goes into caring for wild animals.

This Book Stinks! – We make a lot of trash. We recycle regularly. We pick up litter when we see it. This book helps put trash in its place. Did you know that around the world people throw away nearly four million tons of trash daily? That’s a lot of trash. This book gives us ideas on what to do with all that trash. And it shows us what is being done currently around the world.

Hey, Baby! – Have you ever seen a baby bison? That’s reason enough to pick up this book. Seriously, the baby animals in this book are so freaking cute. We love reading about them and learning more. I’ve even learned about new animals by reading through this book.

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