Easter Basket Ideas for 2024 – No Eggs!

Easter Basket Ideas for 2024 – No Eggs!

We have received a numb er of these items for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links

Don’t worry, I’m here with Easter basket ideas for 2024 that will make your shopping easy. The first thing we’re going to do is get rid of the eggs. Yup, you heard me, we are not looking to stuff a thousand eggs. Second, we will remember that Easter is not Christmas part two. Nobody is breaking the bank for this holiday. We will be creating baskets that your littles will love without you having to take out a loan.

We will be thinking of our baskets as having two parts. There is the main character and the co-stars. The main characters will be the centerpieces of our baskets. These will be the items that you might build the basket around. They might be something your little has been hinting about. The co-stars are just as important but, they don’t mind taking the backseat. The costars are the type of items your little will take on the go.


Terra by Battat Reptles – I suggest taking these out of the tube. They can be scattered throughout the basket giving your little a sort of in-basket scavenger hunt. With 60 reptiles to gather, your littles will stay busy. These are perfect for pretend play, building a terrarium, and so much more.

Twistables – You can use these as basket fillers because they come in multiple sizes. You can get a 2X2X2, a 3X3X3, and a 4X4X4. They’re great for the littles that need something to do with their hands. It’s also something that the family can enjoy together. Everyone can take turns and try to beat each other’s time.

Pedometer Watch – As JustaBXgirl gets older I want to find things that she will find useful to place in her Easter basket alongside purely fun things. She always wants to wear my smart watch so this is a happy medium. It doesn’t have Bluetooth so it is not connected to her phone but she can get the feel of it and keep track of her steps.

Jasmine & Lavender Whipped Body Butter – This smells amazing. And it is so very soft. Perfect Easter basket inclusion for a tween who is falling in love with beauty products. I do my best to steer JustaBXgirl towards natural products. The Brown Sugar by Keisha Janaan line is one I feel comfortable allowing JustaBXgirl to use regularly.

Moriah Elizabeth Mystery Plush -I was tempted to make these a main character because I know JustaBxgirl would LOVE to receive a basket with only these. I defaulted to a co-star because of their size. They would be a great replacement for eggs in their colorful boxes.

Needoh Easter Chicks – We saw these at Spring Fling and fell in love. They are the most adorable Easter co-stars. Since I don’t do candy in my baskets, I imagine these take the place of Peeps. They are the same squishy, stretchy feel you expect from Needoh and perhaps their cutest version yet!

Deddy Bears Blind Bags – You could make an entire Deddy Bear basket if you wanted. They come in three sizes, 4.5″ Clip-on Plush, 5″ Plush, and 12″ plush. I chose to highlight the mystery bags because they make wonderful co-stars. The blind bags give littles the same element of surprise as opening an egg does without an added layer of stuff. There are eight supernaturally soft, adorable characters to collect.

Disney Doorables – You already should expect to find Disney Doorables on EVERY gift guide I write. This time I’m adding them for you. I’m not a big Star Wars fan but this line is sure to sell out so run and get yours before it’s gone. There is the cutest flocked Chewbacca to find that even I want!

Main Characters

Crocodile Dentist – This game has been on JustaBXgirl’s wishlist since she was three. She saw Chase play it on Chase’s Corner and watched that video about a thousand times. Somehow we never stumbled upon it until now. We have played it non-stop and it is now one of HOPS’ favorite games, as well. It is the perfect centerpiece for a preschooler’s Easter basket.

Ballooning Balance Bees – You know I love a good learning game. This is right on theme for Spring so it is the ideal centerpiece. There are multiple ways to play based on your littles abilities. It’s another geared towards the preschool generation but can be enjoyed by the entire family. Practice counting, color recognition, and patterns.

Night Buddies – JustaBXgirl LOVES plushies so of course I had to find one to be a basket centerpiece. Night Buddies are the perfect night light, flashlight, and snuggle buddy. These friends are really soft and huggable. The flashlight gives littles the added security of having a friend who can light up their life with a squeeze. It times itself out in three minutes so we don’t have to worry about turning it off. There is an entire Sleepy Sea Life Collection to collect.

Positively Perfect Dolls – JustaBXgirl is particular about her baby dolls. She saw Willow at Spring Fling and added her to her wishlist. She thinks that she and Willow would be great friends. We have been fans of all things Dr. Lisa so you know we are here for these girls. Grabbed up Nala the 14 inch Positively Perfect toddler already so Willow will be next. We love the diversity in this line. Each doll has its own personality, skin tone, hair type, and style. They are definitely main characters.

Fingerlings Sweet Tweet – For the price of this main character, you can get in in both colors pink and blue and still have money left to get co-stars. We’ve been on the Fingerling bandwagon for years so it’s no surprise that this would make our roundup. She is the sweetest little birdie. She knows when she is on and off your finger, can share secrets, and has over 40 sounds and reactions.

Lego – JustaBXgirl loves the Lego Friends and Lego Harry Potter lines so I normally shop those. Since Easter isn’t about the gifts I usually find a small set something in the $10-25 range to be the centerpiece. JustaBXgirl takes photography class so this set was a fun find.

Time is ticking and you have Easter baskets to fill. Gets to shopping. Please remember that the baskets can be filled with toys they already have. Most of our littles love the experience of opening the basket, doing the egg hunts, and simply spending time together. Always do what’s best for your family. If you need specific suggestions, please reach out to me via email or IG DM and I can help you cultivate a basket in your price range and little’s specific interest.

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