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Mommy Mondays – LoLoboog44


Mommy Mondays – LoLoboog44

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    Sometimes you meet people online and you just click.  Sometimes they help remind you that you are doing your best and that is good enough.  Today’s #mommymonday award goes to Lauren.  I won’t include her photos because her account is private but this woman is amazing.

    She has three gorgeous children and is beautiful inside and out.  Her personality comes through the photos of Instagram and makes me wish I could invite her over so our girls can play while we sit back, laugh, cry and stuff our faces.

    I look forward to seeing this supermom share her highs and lows.  Not that I look forward to her having lows but I have seen her share challenges on her page that have brought people together in discussion and problem solving.  It takes an amazing person to foster that sense of community. And Lauren is that amazing person.


    As always, if you have a mom you want featured in a future #mommymondays email me at with her name, Instagram and why you think she should be featured

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