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Father Fridays – Terence S


Father Fridays – Terence S

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    I have been blessed to be friends with today’s featured dad for nearly 20 years (maybe even more but if I admit that I have to admit my age lol).  It seems like just yesterday we were kids dreaming about what our futures would hold.  ts3

    Today I am happy to say that the present is so much better than we could ever have imagined.  We might not have all of the riches or fame that we just knew were waiting but instead we have families that are full of love and careers that allow us to touch the lives of many.  And fame?  Well that’s one of those things that’s determined by perspective.

    It takes an amazing man to love a woman with his all and and even more magnificent man to love her child.  Terence has done both.  And then he further proved his greatness when his son was born.  He is the epitome of family man.  His family makes me believe in love.  I don’t need the Cosbys because I have the Stanleys.ts1

    Together him and his wife are building an empire.  They are the masterminds behind River Red Casting and Two Kids From The Bronx Films.  Their daughter is not only gorgeous but talented and intelligent.  Their son is handsome and creative.

    Check this superdad out on Facebook.

    If you have a father that you think deserves a shout then send me an email to with his name, social media links and why you think he deserves to be featured.

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