When is the Next PlayFair?

When is the Next PlayFair?


It has been over a week since the first Play Fair happened.  Minime is STILL talking about it.  That might not seem crazy if you forget that Minime is three years old.  Since Play Fair she has also gone to see The Gazillion Bubbles Show, had a Post-Valentine’s Party and been to the zoo.  Still in the midst of conversation she will return to Play Fair.

If that doesn’t spell out how much fun she had keep reading!  We will definitely be returning next year.  We might even do two sessions.

After the event was over (and during) I saw a lot of feedback about it being too crowded.  Um, it was an event being held at the Jacob’s Javitz Center.  Crowds should be expected.  Do I think there were places they can improve?  Of course.  It was the first year if there weren’t areas to grow what would be the point in holding another?

It was one of the coldest (if not the coldest) weekend we had in NYC this winter.  Play Fair cannot control the weather.  I know I am grateful that the 7 train now goes to Hudson Yards because walking from 8th Ave would have been brutal.  Again, Play Fair didn’t design the weather so they can’t be blamed for the cold.  I have heard that based on the volume of visitors the first session had some people waiting outside.  We were blessed not to have to experience that.  We did get a little turned around (and almost ended up at Toy Fair) looking for the entry line but people were helpful with directing us to where we needed to be.

The line was long.  We got there about 15 minutes before our session (Saturday afternoon) was to begin.  Even still we didn’t wait too long and we were warm.  No complaints, especially since Minime and her Godbrother found ways to entertain themselves.  They took plenty of photos before we entered.


Once we got inside I can see how people can be overwhelmed.  There were people EVERYWHERE.  Still, this was to be expected.  Of course being SUPER MOM I had downloaded the guidebook and set alarms for all the things I thought Minime and Godbrother would enjoy.  Once we got there though that went out of the window. We worked the area much like I do Disney World.

I let the kids take the lead.  Godbrother and Minime didn’t always want to do the same thing (he is 8 after all) so me and his mom split up and would meet back up.  There was definitely something for everyone.

It was a great opportunity to try out some of the toys that Minime has been asking for from Youtube.  Fortunately for me it was a way to knock some off of her ever growing Christmas List. (Yup, it’s February and we are already working on the 2016 Christmas List.  Le Sigh.)

IMG_7387 IMG_7397




We didn’t get to do everything.  And that is OKAY.  Minime is three.  She didn’t read the guidebook and as long as I distracted her with other fun stuff she was fine skipping things that had very long lines.  IMG_7421

We missed most of the meet and greets because we were busy playing with toys.  She did however get to meet Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir.  I know you probably have no idea who they are.  Minime discovered them on the Nick app just a few days prior
to Play Fair so she was in all of her glory getting to meet them.  Because they are so new the line to see them was nonexistent when we got there.  She is still telling friends and family about meeting them.


Her other highlight of the event was doing a mock toy review for TTPM.  You might recall me mentioning that she won Inside Out’s Bing Bong from them around Christmas time.  They made her day again by letting her review the new Secret Agent Barbie toy.  I was really proud of her and how well she did.  I’m considering letting her start doing her own unboxing and reviews on our Youtube page.


We brought snacks so we didn’t have to deal with the high prices inside the Javitz Center.  And I brought a carriage to carry all of the stuff we brought and accumulated.  Mini me walked around for most of the event except when eating her Dippin Dots that weren’t called Dippin Dots.

Did you go to Play Fair?  What did you think?

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