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#MommyMondays on a Tuesday – Shani Asha


#MommyMondays on a Tuesday – Shani Asha



Sometimes you have a week that is going by so quickly you are a day behind.  What can I say?  I’m a mom.  I couldn’t however let the week go by without shouting out an magnificent mommy.  Shani Asha is not only a wonderful mom, a smart business woman, a loving daughter, a tell it like it is sister and all around good human being she is also my sister in Christ.

This woman and I orbited around each other for years.  We knew all of the same people.  We frequented the same establishments.  Even knew of each other but it wasn’t until a few years ago that we literally sat down at the same table together and finally brought to fruition a friendship that was blessed by the Lord above.

She is a rock when I am the water.  I am the tree when she is the wind.  We keep each other centered when we lose focus and I count her as a blessing in my life.  She is a warrior and an inspiration.

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