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#MommyMonday on a Tuesday – Kim S


#MommyMonday on a Tuesday – Kim S

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    Once again Monday got away from me and here I am on a Tuesday doing my Monday shout out!  Today’s honoree is someone I have known since before either of us were mommies.  We met years ago through when our Fridays nights were more exciting that watching surprise eggs on YouTube.  Back to a time where we popped bottles instead of pumping them!

    I’ve been wanting to recognize her for a while.  My list of magnificent mommies is rather extensive.  I’m sure some of you already know Kim S. and are followers of her blog.  She has definitely been another mentor to me as I’ve begun traveling on this blogging adventure.  She was also a great friend and supporter through the beginning of breastfeeding for me.  Not sure I ever told her but I do greatly appreciate her always showing love and support.

    Not only is she a super supportive friend, wonderful wife, darling daughter and magnificent mother, a world traveler and excellent blogger she is also a very talented makeup artist.  Talk about renaissance woman.

    Be sure to check her out on Instagram, Facebook.

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