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Easter Egg Painting


Easter Egg Painting

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    Minime loves YouTube.  Recently she has gone from watching surprise eggs to watching people dye eggs.  I figured she would get a kick out of doing her own eggs.  I bought two different types of dye.  One was a dipping type and the other was sponge painting.  Minime opted to do the sponge painting with me and saving the other to do with her cousins this coming weekend.

    It was a fun process and Minime was a lot more patient than I expected as she waited for the eggs to get done.  Having seen so many videos she decided she wanted to make one so please sit back and enjoy our egg painting experience.

    We definitely made a mess but honestly it wasn’t as bad as I expected.  I don’t think I will use the same type of dye next time though.  It stained my hands.  Took many washes to come off.  I let Minime soak in the tub for a long time when we finished.  The eggs also didn’t dry very well.  We let them sit for over 24 hours and they were still sticky and again stained my hands (not as bad as the first time).IMG_8799 (1)


    We had an accident when we started to decorate the painted eggs.  Minime dropped her pink egg which put her into a mini meltdown since it was near nap time.  She was very disappointed in having to get rid of the egg since it was her favorite and she was planning to put her Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) sticker on it.  She’s a huge Sleeping Beauty fan.


    Once she awoke from her beauty sleep she was ready to get back to decorating.  Our googly eyes didn’t stick great to the eggs but they finally stayed in place and Minime went on to add mouths and hair.


    I had some extra supplies left from making mini Easter baskets so we used a mini basket and some grass to make a bed for the decorated eggs.  Sadly, Minime was really excited to show off her eggs to her uncle that came over for a visit and dropped the basket.  Two more eggs cracked.  And then there was one.IMG_8847

    I can definitely see us doing these again in the future.  Especially since I promised Minime that we can go on Monday to buy some more dye (when things are on sale for half price) and then we can dye as many pink eggs as she wants.

    What are some of your Easter traditions?



    1. Kim

      March 30, 2016 at 7:06 pm

      We don’t have Easter traditions, but I did want to make eggs. I think the graduation from egg surprise to these eggs.

      • justabxmom

        April 9, 2019 at 9:10 pm

        I like the independence of these. One of JustaBXgirl’s other cousins came over yesterday and she was able to pull it and the box of eggs out for them to do without needing help/

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