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#FatherFridays – Dad And Buried


#FatherFridays – Dad And Buried

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  • By now you should know I like to laugh.  I also have a sense of humor that finds so much funny.  Larry David and Seinfeld will have me peeing in my pants.  But so will just about any corny knock knock or Laffy Taffy joke.  Come on, you know Laffy Taffy jokes make you cry laguhing!

    Anyway, I say that to say that today’s #FatherFriday nominee is one of my FAVORITE  Instagram accounts.  I have honestly laughed out loud at some of his posts.  I bring you Dad And Buried.  He is a dad who has been blessed with two beautiful boys.  And many sleepless nights? Days? Weeks? Years?

    Either way no sleep must be good for him because it gives him plenty of life material to entertain and enlighten us about.  Here’s to a full night’s sleep in your near future.  Wishing you lots of luck (and some really good stories) on your upcoming vacations.






    Oh and guess what?  He’s a fellow New Yorker.  He’s from Brooklyn.  Standup!


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