My Mother’s Day Wish List

My Mother’s Day Wish List

Happy Mothers Day Wishes 2016

Mother’s Day is less than a week away!  Am I excited?  Not really.  I’ve never really celebrated Mother’s Day as a mom.  JustaBXgirl is three.  She’s not in school or daycare so she doesn’t bring me home hand crafted projects.  I’m the one she does those kind of things with and it doesn’t feel right making her make them for me.  Normally we spend Mother’s Day with my mom.

My mother isn’t into leaving her house often so it ends up being just like any other visit.  We eat, Abuela & JustaBXgirl play, I sit on Instagram and a few hours pass.  Only difference is that on Mother’s Day we bring gifts.  This year I am very blessed to be spending time with my mother.  She had a very severe stroke at the end of the summer and is still recovering.  I thank the Heavens daily for giving me more time with her.  It also reminded me that we are not promised health or life and we need to genuinely appreciate and value every moment we get.

I’ve been thinking that this year I would like to celebrate that I am a mother.  Being JustaBXgirl’s mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I feel like I’ve found my purpose in this world.  It is as her guide.

Less than a week to go and I still have no idea what I want to do.  I remember taking my best friend and my mother out a few years ago for a Mother’s Day Dinner.  We had fun but it was so crowded and even with reservations the wait was long.  I don’t want to wait some place that I could go to the day after and have the best table in the house!  A friend and I were considering going to a show but the one we wanted to see sold out.

Then I thought well, maybe I should just get myself a gift.  That thought passed quickly because I’m trying to be frugal.  I did however think that it’s nice to dream so I’ve put together a wishlist of things I would like for Mother’s Day.

Whenever JustaBXgirl sees something on TV that she wants (read as ALL OF THE TIME), I tell her we can put it on her Christmas list.  It is already rather extensive and it’s only April.  I add whatever she shows interest in to an Amazon wishlist.  I’ll occasionally go on and make a purchase or add things that I know she will enjoy so that when it’s time to get a treat it is easy to make a choice.

I decided to create my own wishlist.  Maybe one day someone will create a Mother’s Day fairy and she will bring me everything on the list.  For now though I will share my list with you and maybe it will inspire you for any gifts you still need to get or request.


1. Sewing Machine – Some of you know I am planning on launching a fabric doll line by the end of 2016.  My partner and I are trying to secure doll and clothing makers but I feel like I need to be able to do some of the manufacturing myself.  Nope,  I do not know how to sew.  Yes, I understand it’s a craft and people have worked their lives perfecting it.  Nope, I’m not dismissing any of that.  Yup, I know I might suck but guess what?  I will take the chance because I might be good at it and I would love to be part of the production.  This tops my list.

sewing machine

2. Alex and Ani Disney Bangles – You all know I LOVE all things Disney.  No idea how I missed these bangles until now.  I want ALL of them.  Bracelets and Disney.  They must have been made for me.  Random justaBXmom fact…bracelets are my favorite piece of jewelry.


3. Brush Hair Straightener – This thing looks like magic to me.  I love getting my hair straightened.  It just is really difficult for me to find the two hours to go to the salon regularly or to make myself okay with spending $50 to get my hair washed and set.  Flat ironing is always an option but I just feel like this would be ideal.


4. Hamilton Tickets – I’m sure this is on just about everyone’s wishlist.  The more I learn about Lin Manuel-Miranda the more I like.  I want to see this show not only because of all of the great things I’ve heard and seen about it but because I want to support him.  I just read that seats are sold out through January 2017 (this wasn’t the show my friend and I were hoping to see.  We already knew this wasn’t happening).hamilton  5. Paris, France – What’s the point of a wishlist if you don’t add a few dream items?  I would love an expense paid trip for me and JustaBXgirl to Paris, France.  Of course this would include tickets to Disneyland Paris.



What are the things on your Mother’s Day wishlist?



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