If You Could Live Forever, Would You? Tuck Everlasting

If You Could Live Forever, Would You? Tuck Everlasting

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They say when you put things into the universe they will materialize.  This has been so true for me and I hope it’s true for you.  Remember how I posted that my Mother’s day wishlist included tickets to see Hamilton?

Nope, I didn’t get tickets to see Hamilton but my Mother’s Day fairies over at The Moms gifted me three tickets to Tuck Everlasting.  And in case you didn’t know it is another show that has been on my need to see list ever since I saw it was coming to Broadway.

Years ago I saw the movie and loved the story.  When I saw it was being released as a Broadway musical I knew I wanted to see it.  Thank you universe and thank you The Moms. I decided to pay it forward and invite two of my favorite mommy friends that I knew could also use a Mom night out.  These two women are very important parts of my village and I loved getting to share such a magical show with them.


If you could live forever would you? That is the question at the center of the show.  When Winnie Foster meets the Tucks she is given the opportunity to answer this very question in a very true sense.  Answering it isn’t as simple as one might think.


Everything about the performance felt magical to me.  The scenery was simple but very detailed.  It was whimsical but solid. The songs were superb.  I’m adding the soundtrack to my next wishlist (random JustaBXmom fact: I love musical soundtracks). The songs moved the show along at a very fluid pace.  And they are all beautifully composed.

Watching the final scene was very emotional for me.  Watching a person grow old and seeing them lose people they love while beautifully displayed was still very sad.  Seeing the same person pass and leave their loved ones behind is just as sad.  This show has a way of making you believe in forever while at the same time reminding you how precious every moment is.

Thank you for the reminder that we need to appreciate and celebrate every breath because we are not guaranteed an endless spring of time.


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