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Path To Becoming A Healthy Family


Path To Becoming A Healthy Family

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    JustaBXgirl loves to do yoga, stretching, flips and her version of working out all around the house.  She is not able to drink juice until she has already had a cup of water and she regularly snacks on fruits.  My beautiful princess is being raised to know that healthy living is the best option.  When she catches me drinking soda she reminds me that it is bad for me (then she asks for a sip).  What can I say?  Like the rest of us she is a work in progress.

    Recently, she has taken to patting my belly and telling me that it is fat.  She has been telling me I have to work out more (at all).  I’ve never had to worry about weight.  I’ve been blessed with an amazing metabolism and have always been able to eat whatever I want.

    Much of that is still true.  I bounced right back to my pre-pregnancy weight weeks after having justaBXgirl.  My body however didn’t snap completely back to what it was before my pregnancy.  I now have a small mom pouch.  I don’t like working out.  I enjoy yoga and walking but not much else.  I used to take zumba but I was never good at it.

    I recently got to review the #EatSmartScale Precision Body Check.  It helped remind me that numbers aren’t everything.  I love how simple it is to use for being such a fancy scale.  It reads weight, BMI, body fat percentage, total body water percentage, muscle mass and bone mass.  The screen is a good size and the backlight makes it easy to read.

    According to my results I am healthy.  And now that I have my scale I plan to stay that way.  Since it can keep track of up to 8 people I plan to make being healthy a family project.  JustaBXgirl is on a good path but I need to pull her cousin into the journey because his weight does not match his age.  He’s always been heavy.  I used to call him my little sumo wrestler.

    Fortunately, my scale is also durable because him and justaBXgirl have both been jumping on and off it since it arrived.

    Let’s see if this summer I can help my nephew slim down and get rid of my mommy pouch.  What are your summer goals?

    Disclaimer: I received the #EatSmartScale free in exchange for my unbiased view.

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