#MommyWars – Cloth Diapers or Disposable Diapers?

#MommyWars – Cloth Diapers or Disposable Diapers?



I honestly don’t have any friends in real life that have chosen to cloth diaper so other than those I see doing so on social media I don’t know much about the topic.  I do see on social media lots of mom shaming going both ways.

I really don’t get that.  And that is the underlying theme of this series.  Parent how you want and stop judging another mom for parenting how she wants!

I probably tried every disposable diaper on the market.  JustaBXgirl used a lot of diapers.   A LOT.  I’m sure some of you remember that she did not want to be potty trained for the longest.  I had to issue her an ultimatum to get her out of diapers.  Not my best parenting moment, but it worked.

We used Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, Fitties and many store brands.  I was questioned about which diapers I used.  I was questioned about how many times I needed to change her based on the diapers.  I was questioned on if any of them ever gave her diaper rash.  In my world though, I was never questioned on why I didn’t cloth diaper.

I never learned much about cloth diapering until recently when I went to the New York Baby Show.  I got to stop by the Tidy Tots booth and have the pleasure to see exactly how these things work.  It does seem like a lot more work to me than disposable diapers.  I completely love all of the patterns that they come in.  I know just like most other baby items different cloth diapers can become a mom’s buying obsession.  I’ve seen social media friends with draws full of cloth diapers.

I’ve seen mom groups talk down to both types of moms.  I’ve seen disposable diaper moms called selfish and told they are harming their children because they use disposable diapers.  I have seen the words hippie and granola aimed at cloth diapering moms in a derogatory manner.

Ladie, can we all just have a seat?  Guess what.  The type of diaper you place on your child’s butt isn’t going to matter when your child is an adult.  Heck, it won’t even matter the moment your child switches to underwear.  Use what makes you and your baby comfortable.

I did receive a sample from the Tidy Tots people and I will be giving it away since JustaBXgirl is no longer in diapers.  If you would like the chance to win it then enter below.  If you’ve never thought of cloth diapering before this might be a fun way of checking it out.  And if you’re a cloth diapering pro then this can add to your collection.


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