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Ice Skating in June? Only at The GoGo Squeez Yogurtz Launch


Ice Skating in June? Only at The GoGo Squeez Yogurtz Launch

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  • Have you ever gone ice skating in June?  Me neither but JustaBXgirl most certainly did.  And I could have too if I wasn’t such a chicken.  Earlier this month we were invited to the launch of GoGo Squeez Yogurtz.  They’re a snack that’s so cool it doesn’t have to be cold.  Yup, it really is that cool.

    DSC_0928 imageedit_9_2912636891

    Think about it.  It’s summer.  You pack your snacks for the day and head out.  Before you know it it’s night time and you may or may not have forgotten to empty the snack bag of perishables.  If you packed the new yogurtz fro GoGo Squeez you don’t have to worry.  They will still be good.  These yummy yogurtz go through a heat treatment to be able to stay at room temprature.  They are currently available in three flavors: banana, strawberry and berry.  I can’t decide which is my favorite.  JustabXgirl likes the berry the most.


    This event was so much fun.  GoGo Squeez definitely knows how to throw a party.  I practically had to drag JustaBXgirl out when it was time to leave.  Besides ice skating which was her absolute favorite part of the event there was plenty to do and eat.

    Remember when I said JustaBXgirl won tickets to the Cirkidz party playing Freeze Dance?  Well, it was at the GoGo Squeez event.  Any where that there’s music is her type of place.  Music and competition she’s in Heaven.


    Then there was the make your own yogurt faces table.  So cute.  JustaBXgirl really got into creating her masterpiece.  And I was shocked when she ate some of it since normally she doesn’t like her food touching.


    She insisted on making two yogurt covers at the arts & crafts station.  And she took homes extra stickers to share with her cousins.


    It took a few days after the event for her to understand that it was a one time thing.  She kept asking me if we could go back to the yogurt place!



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