JustaBXgirl Takes The Stage

JustaBXgirl Takes The Stage

Can I let you in on a secret?  There isn’t a day that goes by that JustaBXgirldoesn’t mesmerize me.  She is #BlackGirlMagic personified with a bit of #BoriquaBrujeria thrown in for added sass.  About a month ago she decided that she was over dance class (her words, not mine).

We would go to class and she would wander around asking when it would be time to go to Buela’s house.  Yup, I would get the obligatory dance class photo of her participating in either the warm up or the jumps at the end of class but trust me homegirl was done with it.  Yet, I made her wake up each Saturday morning, get dressed and either get on the train (or if grandpa could drive us) get in the car and go.

Over It!
                        Over It!

She knew and I knew that not going was not an option.  We are not quitters and she had a show to do.  I LOVE that at the age of three she understands this.  I only hope that the foundation I am setting is strong enough that she remembers it at thirteen and then everytime after in life that she is “over something.”

Now that the show has happened I can admit how worried I was.  I mean, she was in class every week but she wasn’t picking up the dance.  She refused to practice it at home and had told me that she was not doing Ms. Katie’s dance when she got on stage.  If you remember from her first show JustaBXgirl knew the dance but still choreographed her own for the stage.   I was expecting at best her to do a solo and at worst for her to stand silently on stage in protest.

My baby made me so proud.  Not just because she walked on that stage like she owned it.  Not just because she did a pretty good job of following along to Ms. Katie’s dance.  Not because she politely told everyone that she would not be returning to class after the 4th of July break.  My baby made me proud because she showed me that while I set the foundation her magic is her own.  She is and will always be her own person.

And starting in September that person will be a gymnast training to be a secret agent like Barbie! (Wish us luck with gymnastics)

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