5 Sweet Treats From The Sweet Suite

5 Sweet Treats From The Sweet Suite

Thanks to our friends over at 3 City Girls we were able to attend Day 1 of this year’s Blogger Bash.  And it was quite a bash.  I got to spend the day learning how to make this site better for you my readers as well as having fun with some of my peers.

One of the best parts was attending the Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite.  This is where I was privy to spend the evening aboard a yacht getting to know about some of the best products coming out for our littles.  Can I say there were so many items that would have made my Christmas List as a child (and some that actually did)???  I was pleasantly surprised by how toys of yesteryear will be relaunching.

Once I got home from the event I showed JustaBXgirl the photos and she went CRAZY.  Suffice to say she wanted to add just about EVERYTHING to her Christmas and Birthday Lists.  In Case you didn’t know, she started her lists right after her birthday and can be found on Amazon!

Here are her top 5 Sweet Suite Treats.  Let me know if they would make your littles’ list as well.

  1. Betty Spaghetty – This is one of those toys that might make you think about your childhood.  JustaBXgirl pulled the one I made her out of her bag while at my cousin’s over the weekend and my cousin quickly remearked she remembered her daughter playing with it when she was little.  Her daughter is now 22.  Once these are officially released I see us buying more.  I love that it allows you to mix and match the pieces.  We will have hours of fun making silly Bettys. imageedit_5_41248260172.  The Grossery Gang – Moose Toys might as well take all of my money.  Maybe I can just have parts of my paycheck deposited directly to them and they can send me a monthly box of treats.  Shopkins, Splashlings, Betty Spaghetty and now The Grossery Gang.  The Grossery Gang is similar to the Shopkins that we all know and love.  The only difference is that rather than being yummy, sweet items like Ice Cream Kate you’ll find them to be a little bit more funky and gross like Fungus Fries. imageedit_8_32886240443. Squinkies do Drops – In case you didn’t know, we love all toys mini.  JustaBXgirl has been asking for these since she first saw the commercial on TV.  You can buy them in collectors packs or in Mystery Villas.  JustaBXgirl was excited to open some Mystery Villas in her latest Youtube video.  There are all types of playsets available to build your very own Squinkieville.

4. Shimmer and Shine – Genies Divine!  We love these girls.  JustaBXgirl actually quotes this show pretty regularly and surprisingly she doesn’t have any of their toys yet.  These wish and spin dolls are at the top of her list. imageedit_10_77432704825. Happy Salmon – JustaBXgirl didn’t choose this one by the picture but instead chose it after I explained how to play the game to her.  I had a lot of fun doing a test round and I know JustaBXgirl and her cousins will love it.  I think I’ll pick this up for one of their group gifts this Christmas.It’s listed as ages 6+ but I think the younger ones will enjoy it as well.  It will just be important to show them the cards so they can identify with the pictures since they might not know how to read the words.  I grabbed the image off the site as opposed to using the one I took so you too can get an idea of what to expect.HS_Left_with_cards_Large_for_Web_1024x1024 There are so many more items that we loved.  Make sure you’re following me on Instagram so you don’t miss any of the honorable mentions that didn’t make the post.

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