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#30DayBloggingChallenge – Favorite Superhero…

Blogging Challenge

#30DayBloggingChallenge – Favorite Superhero…

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  • Day 6 of my blogging challenge is a fun one. My assignment is to name my favorite super hero and share why. I didn’t want to be predictable but alas I am.  My favorite super hero is Wonder Woman.15918250720_977a432651

    I know, I know. Big surprise! I can’t help it. Wonder Woman was my first love in the world of super heroes. She was the first female super hero I was introduced to and one of my earliest Halloween costumes. Who else remembers those plastic masks we had that would probably be illegal to sell today? They had eye holes, tiny nostril holes and a small moth hole. We sweated profusely and had to take them off between trick or treating to really breathe.

    Plus, who can forget that Wonder Woman was played by Lynda Carter, a Latina? I remember being a child and first hearing that Wonder Woman was Latina. Yes, I completely understand that Wonder Woman the character is not Latina but when you’re a child that doesn’t see yourself represented in the media you take what you get. And she has an invisible plane! Oh and a truth lasso. Who couldn’t use that?  28533361264_c8b5c000eeThere are lots of really cool super heroes in this world but Wonder Woman will always have a special place in my heart. She let me know that Latinas could be heroes too. She let me know that girls could be as strong as boys. She let me know that the truth will always come out.28095318960_3fb660f81a

    I asked JustaBXgirl who her favorite super hero was. I kind of expected her to say Storm or Harley Quinn (yes, I know she’s a villain). She surprised me and said The Winx Club. I almost told her that they weren’t super heroes but then I thought about it and realized they are! They are fairies that fight against evil. I love that once again she has taught me to think outside of the box.



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