Will You Join Me On My 30 Day Blog Challenge?

Will You Join Me On My 30 Day Blog Challenge?


I keep seeing Blogging Challenges floating through the Twittersphere and figured I would give it a shot.  I know though that based on my current blogging and personal calendar that I would be lying to you and myself if I said I could commit to a blog post a day.  Not to mention I already have other posts brewing.  That being said I figured I would take the challenge on as another series.  Once a week I will be posting based on the list below.  If you have a blog I challenge you to join me on the challenge.

  1. The Meaning Behind Your Blog’s Name.
  2. 20 Facts About You.
  3. 10 Likes and Dislikes.
  4. If You Could Rid The World Of One This What Would It Be?
  5. A Picture Of Somewhere You’ve Been.
  6. Favorite Superhero And Why.
  7. Screenshot Of Your Desktop or Lock Screen.
  8. Three Things You Want To Say To Three Different People.
  9. Short Term Goals For This Month And Why.
  10. What’s In Your Bag/Wallet?
  11. A Youtube Video.
  12. Your Favorite Childhood Book.
  13. OOTD.
  14. What Was The Last Movie You Saw In The Theater.
  15. Favorite Things About Blogging.
  16. Your Favorite Disney Princess.
  17. How I Stay Positive.
  18. A Picture Taken Today.
  19. What Book Could You Read Over And Over?
  20. Favorite Meme Of The Moment.
  21. Someone Who Inspires You.
  22. How I Want To Be Remembered.
  23. Write A Letter To Your Teenage Self
  24. A Photo of you from 2007.
  25. What Is Your Favorite Season?
  26. If You Could Have One Superpower What Would It Be? And What Would You First Do With It?
  27. 10 Ways To Win Your Heart.
  28. Describe A Typical Day In Your Life.
  29. Do You Want To Be Famous?
  30. Why Did You Do The 30 Day Blog Challenge?

Tell me which post you are looking most forward to in the comments and let me know if you will be joining me 🙂

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