#30DayBloggingChallenge – Day 8 – 3 Things…

#30DayBloggingChallenge – Day 8 – 3 Things…

Today’s assignment from the 30 Day Blogging Challenge is interesting. It’s “Three Things You Want To Say To Three Different People.” It’s funny because there’s a few people in my world that I thought of when I saw the challenge. The thing is I realized I don’t have to say something to them on my blog. If what I have to say is really weighing on my heart or mind I should reach out to them personally.

Instead I’ve decided to dedicate this to people that I can’t just pick up the phone and speak with.

First Person – Our Next Presidentjustabxmom - election 2016

The 2016 Election is scary. If I was watching it from the past I would think I was watching some type of spoof movie. The election right now seems more about who is going to be the least damaging rather than who will be the best person for the position. Apparently the “people” have decided you were that choice. You are now responsible for EVERY life in the United States of America. I implore you to remember that with every decision you make. Those decisions will have direct impacts on all of your constituents. It doesn’t matter the color of our skin or the amount in our bank accounts (for those of us blessed with bank accounts). Our educational level doesn’t matter and neither does our sexual orientation. You are now responsible for us. And it is your duty to serve us. To protect us with the choices you make. Please remember that everyone in this country does not have the privilege that you do. Please remember that even in times of an election, not every voice and fear is heard. Please think before you decide each and every move you make for the next four years.

 Second Person – My daughter’s first future teacher
justabxmom - school

I know you are probably an experienced, excellent educator. Even so, I will challenge you. Chances are my child will challenge you. It will not be due to either of us wanting to show you disrespect. In fact, I work really hard at teaching JustaBXgirl to be respectful of others. I will however challenge you because I value education very highly and I want to ensure that my child is getting the best education possible. I am a believer in educating the child and not teaching to pass tests. My daughter will more than likely challenge you in order to better understand the lesson. She doesn’t ask why to be annoying. She asks why in order to learn and discover more. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much information she will retain. You are the first adult that my daughter is being entrusted to outside of my family. I am looking forward to welcoming you into the small village that helps me raise her. Here is to a magnificent year.

Third Person – My Future Husbandjustabxmom - wedding

Thank you for seeing me when I couldn’t see myself. I might not always be easy to love but I promise to always be worth the struggle. I’m not good at letting people in so congrats on getting past all of my walls, gates and booby traps. Thank you for not only loving me but loving my daughter as your own. Right now, I am being prepared for you as you are being prepared for me. When our time arrives, I know we are going to be a force to be reckoned with. I cannot wait to see what we accomplish. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my tomorrows with you.


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