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Who Would You be? Choose your Side – Great Pretenders Has You Covered With Their Reversible Apron

6 Frozen faces - Anna and Elsa


Who Would You be? Choose your Side – Great Pretenders Has You Covered With Their Reversible Apron

  • Pretend play is HUGE in our home. We are constantly swimming through shark infested waters in our living room or planning a tea party for JustaBXgirl’s My Little Ponies. I love watching her imagination at work.

    I won’t even get into the crazy parties that happen at Peppa Pigs house when Shopkins go to visit! There’s no telling what will happen if the fairies from Pixie Hollow drop by. Even still, my favorite form of pretend has to be when JustaBXgirl dresses up and fully gets into character.

    Last summer we went through a phase where JustaBXgirl insisted on being a mermaid everywhere. Then we went through a Sleeping Beauty phase. Much more recently, she has gotten on a Frozen kick. She asks me to address her as Elsa and she calls me Anna or Olaf, depending on her mood.

    great pretenders

    ENK The Children’s Club – Javitz Center

    I learned about Great Pretenders when I attended ENK Children’s Club in July. I was drawn to their booth when I saw glitter, wings and gowns. I felt like I had been transported into JustaBXgirl’s dream dress up box.

    I knew she would love the chance to have an Elsa style costume and Great Pretenders had the most amazing one available. Not only would she be able to be Elsa but when the mood struck her the costume would allow her to be Anna as well. All for the price of one costume! How cool is that? Trust me, this mama is always looking for ways to save money and space.

    Frozen - Elsa

    We were provided with this sample by Great Pretenders. As always, all opinions are honest and those of myself and JustaBXgirl.

    Frozen - Anna

    One apron: Two looks!

    Can I share that she has refused to leave the house without her Crystal Queen Reversible Apron since it arrived at our door? I’ve had to negotiate ways to get her to take it off while eating or running. Even if she’s not wearing it, she insists that it stay in my bag in case she feels like being Elsa!

    Frozen - Elsa - Elena of Avalor - Doc McStuffins

    Disney Princess – A little Elsa, a little Elena, a little Doc and a whole lotta JustaBXgirl

    I was a little worried that with so many sequins it would be scratchy. It’s not. There is however TONS of glitter. JustaBXgirl loves that she gets blue glitter on things while wearing the costume because she calls it part of her freezing power. I think it’s cute that her imagination really uses everything she has. If you have a glitzy girl like me then glitter doesn’t bother you because you already have it EVERYWHERE. I just wanted to point it out so you weren’t surprised.

    JustaBXgirl has already decided that this costume will be her Halloween costume and is now insisting that I purchase her an Elsa wig.imageedit_32_8085597641

    I love that this is an apron. It means that I can allow JustaBXgirl to wear it everywhere because her real outfit is underneath. And it makes taking it off and putting it back on so quick. Most of the time with her other costumes I’ve had to argue with her to wear something underneath. The quality of this is so good. It is worth a lot more than the $24 it’s listed for on the Great Pretenders site.

    This apron is becoming such a staple with JustaBXgirl that the other day when we ran to the store without it, one of our neighbors asked where was her princess gown.

    I didn’t want to post it much on social media until I did this post. I wanted you to all ooh and aww for the first time here. I didn’t want to answer a million times where we got it and how you could to. Am I tripping? Possibly. But I know if I saw this on someone else’s accounts before JustaBXgirl got it, I would be asking a million questions also. I hope I answered most of your questions here but if I didn’t leave them in the comments or on one of the gazillion social media posts you will see from today forward and I’ll do my best to help 🙂

    6 Frozen faces - Anna and Elsa

    P.S. Boy moms don’t you worry.  Great Pretenders has you covered too!

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    1. Tami

      August 26, 2016 at 11:58 am

      Love this and will have to order one for Espy though she’s just 2 months old. This is way cuter than the Disney dresses I’ve seen in stores

    2. Daisy M.

      August 26, 2016 at 12:05 pm

      Luna would love this. They’re cute and would be great for NY Comic Con

    3. Ellen

      August 26, 2016 at 12:19 pm

      Have to check this out I love pretend time with Ethan

    4. Nancy Horn

      August 29, 2016 at 12:22 pm

      That is the BEST idea! My daughter loves dressing up and she ends up tripping over the dresses because she’s so short. This looks like I could put it on and she wouldn’t trip.

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