JustaBXgirl’s Top Five TTPM Picks

JustaBXgirl’s Top Five TTPM Picks

JustaBXgirl is always excited when I tell her we’re going to an event.  Little did she know when I woke her up bright and early that this would be one of the BIGGEST toy events of the year.  Being a kid at the TTPM Holiday Showcase is kind of like being brought to a toy store and being told you can touch EVERYTHING.  Oh, and getting to leave with a stuffed gift bag.  Yup, being a blogger’s child is really hard work.

It was a really fun day for blogger kids and parents alike.  When we got inside the event some of the first people I saw were from one of my favorite YouTube channels The Lavigne Life.  After breakfast JustaBXgirl was able to take a picture in a bubble!  We were introduced to TTPM’s Top 50 Most Wanted Holiday List before getting to explore the exhibition floor filled with even more funness.queen-dee-justabxmom

Since JustaBXgirl spent most of her day doing research AKA playing with all of the latest toys I figured I should leave this top 5 list in her hand.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t completely know how to type yet so I have to help out a little.  These picks though come directly from her as to what were her FAVORITE five things from the TTPM Holiday Showcase.  And trust me getting a three year old to pick her favorite 5 from so many was REALLY, REALLY, REALLY difficult.  The list actually changes a little every time I ask but surprisingly some of these have made the cut EVERY time she’s made the list.

Just Play seems to be winning in in knowing what kids want.  THREE of the toys on JustaBXgirl’s list come from them!

JustaBXgirl’s top picks in no particular order:

  1. Super Roller Skating Minnie Plush – skating-minnie-mouse-talking-justabxmom“Mommy, she skates just like a real person.”  JustaBXgirl was so excited to play with Minnie and really impressed by her skating skills.  She skates forward, backwards, does splits and twirls.  I think this made the list because JustaBXgirl has recently become interested in skating herself.  Oh and I can’t forget that Minnie talks, has music and her bows light up.
  2. PJ Masks Headquarters Playset –     Like mother, like daughter I guess.  This play set made my top 5 list a few weeks ago.  I knew when JustaBXgirl saw it she was going to love it as much as I did.  First thing she said was, “mommy, you already put this on my Christmas list, right?”  Then she decided that we would be spending twenty minutes at the display while she played with it and explored all of it’s fun features.  This three story play set comes with Catboy and his Catcar.
  3. Lion Guard Training Lair Playset –  kayan-beshte-disney-jr-justabxmomWhen given the choice on which toy she wanted to play with first at the Just Play display it was the Lion Guard Training Lair (even over the PJ Masks Headquarters). This set is even taller than JustaBXgirl.  I think she wanted to play with it so badly because she has watched tons of reviews on it on YouTube.  Any fan of The Lion Guard would love to find this sitting under the tree.

4. My Mini MixieQ’s –  I have to admit I had no idea what a My Mini MixieQ’s was when we walked up to the display but JustaBXgirl did and she educated me.  Apparently she has been keeping an eye on these guys on YouTube and was excited to get her hands on them.  I think the play sets are really nice.  I like the details they put into them.  The Neon Arcade set is a bowling alley, arcade with basketball hoop, dance video game and dance floor with DJ set up.  It also comes with a bunch of accessories, and three figures.   JustaBXgirl loves all types of mini toys.  These figures are really mini and so is their food and toys.  They’re really cute.  I can already see that we will be collecting more of these.  And possibly losing them just as quick!
5. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir –Ladybug and Cat Noir have been on JustaBXgirl’s radar for some time now.  She really likes the show and even has a poster hanging on our bedroom door.  She had me put a bunch of the toys on her Christmas list a few weeks ago.  And after seeing all of them on display she had me add a few more.


Honorable mentions go to Shopkins, Splashlings, Pottery Cool and Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Starter Set.  All in all the day was a success.  All I know is next time I have to go to an event without JustaBXgirl I’m definitely going to get the side eye from her!

Here’s a quick video recap of some of our day and a look at some of the items that didn’t make JustaBXgirl’s Top 5.


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