#TransparentParenting – Last Minute DIY Advent Calendar

#TransparentParenting – Last Minute DIY Advent Calendar

Did you know December 1st comes the day after November 30th??? Apparently, I didn’t.  I was really excited to create an Advent calendar for JustaBXgirl.  She’s never had one and is finally at an age where she is starting to ask how much longer for things.  I planned on finally being Pinterest worthy.  I was all ready to be create a masterpiece.  I had picked up some $1 Shopkins blind bags.  I know!  Shopkins for $1 it was a Christmas miracle.  I was gifted some Avery labels in different shapes at the Mom Trends Soiree.  I had this!  Until I didn’t.

Around 9p last night I remembered my plans.  I guess I work best under pressure?  Suffice to say I went to Google for help.  Let’s just say that there are some really creative parents out there and I am thankful for them.  Here is what I came up with a Shopkins Cupcake Pan Advent Calendar.

I’m blessed to have a bright red silicone cupcake in the cabinet.  I wasn’t so fortunate to have the right size Avery labels.  I had 2 in circle labels and the pan needed 3 inch ones to cover!  What’s a mom to do?  I googled three inch circle templates and printed those then cut out the circles to cover the pan.

silicone cupcake pan

I knew I wanted to do a Shopkins themed calendar since I had the Shopkins blindbags and we will be building a Shopkins gingerbread house.  I googled Shopkins images and had I had more time would have probably used a variety of Shopkins images for the labels but decided to save a sliver of my sanity by using only one image.

I then went to Avery’s website and downloaded their template for my label and added the Shopkins image.  I then Googled images for the numbers 1 – 12. Yup, I’ve only completed the first 12 days of the calendar.  I’m going to refill the open spaces as we go along.  You might opt to use two separate pans.

shopkins tickers

Once I had the Shopkins images placed on the label template I added the numbers and pressed print.  Of course, my color ink is fading so my beautiful vibrant colors didn’t print.  Instead they look watermarkish.  You know what?  It’s okay.  I considered looking for my new ink cartridges to replace the ink and reprint but it was already near 11p and I decided JustaBXgirl wouldn’t be too bothered by the watermark look.

watermark shopkins

Next I had to open the blind bags and get them ready to be placed in the calendar.  They came with Petkins backpacks so I opened up twelve Shopkins and put them each cupcake space.  I have to admit this might have been the best step.  I really opened fourteen bags but two were duplicates and I didn’t really want to use the duplicates.  It was exciting for me to see twelve new Shopkins so I know that JustaBXgirl will love them too.  And yup, now I need to get more!  I wonder if 5 Below has any $1 blindbags left!

moose toys

Once they were all placed I stuck a label on each three inch circle and taped it over the opening.  Voila! I had an Advent calendar.  Or at least the first half of one!

diy shopkins

And FYI, I guess this mama didn’t do so bad because JustaBXgirl enjoyed waking up to it.







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