Naughty Or Nice? Santa Forgive Me!

Naughty Or Nice? Santa Forgive Me!

Last year JustaBXgirl did not believe in Santa Claus!  I would get looks from people thinking I stole Christmas joy from my child.  I promise I didn’t.  I was actually still on the fence about if I wanted her to believe in Santa.  It would be hilarious though to see adults faces when she would say “Santa isn’t real.”

This year she’s a believer!  Yup, not sure what changed but this year JustaBXgirl is completely hyped about the dude in red and the North Pole.  She still doesn’t believe that the Santas in the malls are real.  She knows they’re just playing pretend.  She believes they work for the real Santa.  Sounds plausible to me.

Maybe it’s because last year I told her we couldn’t ruin the magic of Santa for her cousins that this year she has fallen under it’s spell.  Christmas miracles do happen.  Now though comes the tough part for me!  In true #transparentparenting fashion I will admit that I am not ready to give all of the gift giving credit away to some old dude from up North.  Not even for all of the candy canes in the world.  Nope, not happening.  This mama works wayyyyyyy too hard to make Christmas an avalanche of gifts for Santa to swoop in and be the savior.

I’m fine with making the naughty list if it means I don’t have to share the credit.  Seriously though, I don’t think parent should give away the whole day.  I know, I know, let them be young.  Let them believe.  I’m all about letting them believe but let’s rethink the narrative.  Who said that Santa brings ALL of the toys?  I think it’s highly unlikely that the elves could make every toy on every littles list in a year and have them all delivered.  I’m all for fantasy but let’s keep things a little realistic.

This year my nephew asked for a number of gifts that cost a good amount of money each.  When I explained to him that his mom already works really hard and that list was a little insane he replied very matter of factly, “it’s okay because Santa is going to bring me everything.”  Yup, so my sister is supposed to buy at least 5 things that costs close to $500 each and give the fat guy credit?  Couldn’t be me.

My compromise on this is that I have informed JustaBXgirl that Santa helps parents.  He knows which parents can give their children gifts without his help and which can’t.  For the parents that can already supply their children with a number of gifts he only sends them one gift!  Yup, one and done.

This will be the first year that Santa leaves a gift for JustaBXgirl.  I’m thinking of writing her a letter from him since the gift he is leaving will be the Peppy Pups pup I told you about on National Mutt Day.  I thought since she misses our dog this would be a nice touch.  Only thing is she is very observant so I have to get a special wrapping paper just for his gift.

How do you handle the Santa dilemma in your home?


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