What is #TransparentParenting???

What is #TransparentParenting???

Edited 1/3/17:  I have just started a #TransparentParenting101 group on Facebook for those interested in being part of this movement.  To join it’s simple.  You just have to subscribe then join.

You’ve probably seen me use the hashtag #TransparentParenting on social media.  A lot of people have been contacting me to find out what it means.  So if you’ve been trying to understand it then you’re in the right place.  Or you might leave even more confused than before!

#TransparentParenting isn’t some new trend.  It has nothing to do with how you feed, diaper or discipline your child.  Or maybe it has everything to do with those things.  The idea behind #TransparentParenting is simple.  It’s just being the parent that you are and being honest about that parenting.

I know, I know.  Right now you’re probably saying, huh???  Bare with me here.  We live in a world where everyone is busy trying to put their best face forward.  We post images and share words of wisdom on social media in hopes that someone, somewhere will think we have our acts together.  We hope that someone, somewhere will want what we have.  We post in hopes that someone, somewhere will think we know what we’re doing.  Oh, that’s just me?  Okay, sure.

Seriously though, the world of social media is filled with perfect photos that make it seem like so many people are perfect parents raising perfect children in perfect homes.  That’s not my reality.  And if you’re one of my readers I’m figuring it’s not yours either!  My life is messy.  Some days my home is messy.  Some days my parenting is far less than perfect and some days my child is a brat!  Yup, I said it.  And in all honesty some days I’m a brat too!

I think the best gift we can give to each other is honesty.  The best gift is transparency.  Let us share our highs, our lows and our in betweens.  If you’re having a great day and the spirit of Mary Poppins has popped in for a visit in your household congratulations.  You better brag on that!  Share your joys with the dream day of parenting with the hashtag #TransparentParenting.  Did your perfect child wake up acting like they’re rehearsing for the star role in the remake of Problem Child?  Commiserate with other parents using the hashtag #TransparentParenting.  Did you have a normal parenting day where nothing really crazy happened good or bad?  Hashtag your day #TransparentParenting anyway because you know what?  Some days are just average!

honest parenting #transparentparenting

#TransparentParenting is posting that not so perfect photo because you love the way it came out despite the mess in the background.  #TransparentParenting is admitting you have bought the cookies instead of baked them.  #TransparentParenting is thanking another parent for sharing their child strips Barbie dolls so you know you’re child isn’t weird.  #TransparentParenting is admitting your child is weird and knowing that’s one of the gazillion things that makes you love them.

naked barbie dolls
Please tell me it’s not just my child???
photo credit: Rusty Clark – Layla’s Tag Sale via photopin (license)

#TransparentParenting is simply a way to let other parents know that they are not alone.  Chances are if it is making you laugh or cry, worry or wish then someone, somewhere is feeling very similar.  Consider #TransparentParenting a secret password.  It’s your way into a world where parents aren’t judging your parenting choices because they know they’re busy making their own mistakes.

#transparentparenting not the perfect mom
Congratulations to you if you are a perfect mom but I most definitely am not!

Throughout my life I’ve been told (more than once) that I’m too honest.  Guess it’s no surprise then that when it comes to parenting I’m all about keeping my parenting real.  When I do good or have a tip to share I will scream it.  I also  don’t have energy to pretend I’m doing it right all of the time.  I admit and will shout from the rooftops I mess up as a mom.  Many more times than I would like to admit.  You don’t have to admit it.  I won’t judge you if you choose to be a perfect parent.  If it comes easy to you ALL of the time then that is your #TransparentParenting truth.  If it doesn’t come easy but you want to pretend it does then don’t worry I still won’t judge you.  Everyone doesn’t have to be a #TransparentParent but I am happy that there are others out there besides me because having others to share #TransparentParenting makes my  motherhood journey a lot less lonely.

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