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JustaBXmom Visits Pip’s Island

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JustaBXmom Visits Pip’s Island

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  • JustaBXgirl and I love to play made up games and tell made up stories while we go on imaginary adventures.  Even with our vast imaginatory experience neither of us were prepared for what it meant to visit Pip’s Island.

    pip's island

    We received tickets to attend the show for review purposes. As always all opinions are honest and completely ours.

    Talk about a great way to end 2016!  On New Year’s Eve JustaBXgirl, JustaBXgrandpa, one of my JustaBXnephews and I were off on an adventure to Pip’s Island.  I knew from friends that it was a really fun experience but I had no idea of the magnificent adventure we would be embarking on.  I knew that Pip’s Island was an immersive show for children but I just thought that meant they might get to interact a bit with the characters.  We were very pleasantly surprised that JustaBXgirl and her cousin were actually truly part of the show!

    pip's island interactive theater

    My dad and nephew are pretty hard to impress. Both want a return trip to Pip’s Island.

    JustaBXgrandpa and I were even able to get in on the fun.  I now want a snowglobe room for my home!   Pip’s Island is about an hour long.  I say about because the length of time is really dependent on how quickly the explorers can earn their sparks.  Before you walk in the children are provided vests with badges on them that light up as they achieve their goals and earn their sparks.  Yup, they don’t get to just dilly dally while the actors do the work.  The children actually have to help in different ways to move the show along.

    pip's island gift shop

    My little explorers.

    My nephew doesn’t get too excited about things.  After the show I asked him what his favorite part was and he replied EVERYTHING!  JustaBXgirl changed her mind on her favorite part so much she might have well said everything.

    It’s days later and JustaBXgirl is still jumping around the house doing the moves she learned from the show.  I really wish it was running past January 8th because we would love to go again!

    After experiencing this type of brilliant immersion theater I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to sit and watch a show the same!

    pip's island tickets immersion theater

    How cute are my explorers? They were so ready for adventure.



    1 Comment

    1 Comment

    1. Shani Asha

      January 4, 2017 at 9:00 pm

      This sounds so fun! I love things like this where everyone can engage and interact while having fun.

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