Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day Some mothers woke up today to giggles from littles carrying trays of homemade breakfast with daddy bringing up the rear.  Some mothers woke up today with the sound of hungry littles asking them what’s for breakfast.  Some mothers woke up today with no time for breakfast because they had to rush to work.  And some mothers woke up today in silence because their children no longer run around creating chaos in their home.

Some mothers are celebrated today and every day. Some mothers are never celebrated at all. Today is for all of these moms and more.

As an only parent I can admit I have really mixed emotions as the day approaches.  I don’t need a day on the calendar to tell me I’m loved because JustaBXgirl showers me with love and affection daily.  My tribe lets me know I’m doing a good job with JustaBXgirl pretty regularly.  I don’t need a day to tell me what I already know.

Yet, there’s a part of me that can’t wait to wake up to numerous text messages from friends and family (even those I only speak with on holidays). There’s a part of me that wishes I could get up and pretend it’s not a regular day where I’m the only one that’s responsible for meeting JustaBXgirl’s needs.

Then I remember. We get no days off. Our journey is one that while exhausting at times is filled with so much reward. Our littles will one day become bigs.  And one day they will look back and see the strength and love that we helped build them with.  There is no need for fancy gifts and trophies.  Our praise comes as they walk across and receive diplomas, when they get their fist jobs, when they hold their future children.  Then we will know job well done.  And for now let’s just inhale them as they are and breathe out any negative thoughts saying we’re not enough.

My fancy Mother’s Day gift from JustaBXgirl. This means more to me than any diamonds from someone else ever could. She bought this using her own money

I am so very blessed.  My daughter is amazing.  My tribe is supportive.  This year is the first year that because of members of my tribe and my commitment to #LoveMe that I am taking Mother’s Day as my own.  Normally, I would take JustaBXgirl to Abuela’s for a while then we would go to a movie of JustaBXgirl’s choosing for a mommy daughter date.  This year no!

This year we celebrated with Abuela early.  Spent the afternoon with her yesterday.  And today will be about me.  JustaBXgirl is home with JustaBXgrandpa and mama is spending the day at the spa with another amazing supermom.

I know that every mother unmarried or married might not have that luxury.  It does not go unnoted or unappreciated.  I will celebrate for you mom. The mom that spent the day crying because her baby might be too young to say thank you for all that you do.  The mom who puts on a brave face but feels like she’s failing because something just isn’t working.  The mom who lost her baby way too soon and only has memories to hold onto.  The mom that knows she’s a supermom but doesn’t hear it enough.  Today I celebrate you.  Today I celebrate for you.

Tell a mom you know she’s doing a great job.  Tell a mom her children are happy.  Tell a mom that she is exactly who and what her family needs.  Tell a mom Happy Mother’s Day!

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